Is this the first time you hear about cruelty-free? If you are here, it means you are curious 🙂 . And it is the good kinda curious.

Animal Testing?

Companies and industries use animals such as rats, bunnies, monkeys and more to test their end products. Sadly this is a very common/legal practice in most countries. The companies still use these methods for various reasons mainly to save themselves when suffering legal lawsuits from injured/affected customers. To sell their products and keep their profits in China markets (which needs compulsory animal testing).

The animals are shaved and products are tested on their skin, injected into them, applied to their eyes and any & all possible horrendous ways are used. The animals are locked up in tiny cages, tied up at their  necks at times. Suffer from blindness, poisoning, infection, pain, trauma and finally end up dead. Some of them give birth to babies having birth defects and malnourished. Common misconception is that animal and humans have same skin or morphology. But clearly that isn’t the case. Nothing is worth of it’s quality or money  when made at the cause of suffering and pain, isn’t it?


Abstaining from the use of products, produced as a result of cruel practices. What does cruel practice mean? Testing the end products on animals is a common practice among most companies. This ranges from makeup to household products. By not buying them, you do not participate in the act of cruelty. When you buy, you pay and when you pay, you support. The more demand these companies have, the more products they produce. Thus continuing with the cruel practices.

Difference between Vegan and Cruelty-free beauty:

Vegan beauty products does not contain any animal by-products as ingredients in them. Cruelty-free products may still contain beeswax, carmine, lanolin etc. Here in vegandiarist i show both the options of cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. I make sure to mention if or not the product is vegan. However, I love to and try to stick with vegan beauty as much as possible.

Where do i start?

Vegandiarist features many such cruelty-free and vegan brand list at our site. Please refer to them. When in doubt, do a simple google research. Lookout for the following symbols that indicates “it’s not tested on animals”.


It really is an easy step to take. All you have to do is choose and support the right companies, for the right reasons. Start today, the animals will thank you for this <3 🙂

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