Hi there! and welcome to my vegan life. I’m 27 year old IT professional. I’m born and raised in Tamilnadu, India and currently residing in Singapore and happily married to my college sweetheart. I have started my vegan journey a while ago. I wanted to write down all my experiences the good, better and best. A short story about myself. Who doesn’t love stories right.


Well, i was born in the typical meat loving Indian family. From childhood,  I never liked the smell and taste of milk and meat, but was forced to consume because of the unconditional mother’s love who like other mom’s thinks these are “good” for their children. When i went to college to do my engineering i actually started growing a liking towards meat, dairy and what not. Lucky for me, my father was a vegetarian and always had advised me killing innocent being is biggest unforgivable crime one can do. I drew my inspiration from him and changed into vegetarian on 3rd year of my college March-3 2011. I was 20 years old at that time, left out meat and eggs off my diet but dairy was still a part of it. Also decided not to buy leather and fur products. I remember, initially it was difficult to keep up since i had temptations. The reason being, i never was educated nor viewed the reality of a slaughter house and how much bad are these for your health. Days/months passed and i actually felt great, fresh, my brain could see things clear. But there was a question always in my heart why is dairy considered vegetarian and holy (in Indian culture), i asked my friends, family they all agreed that it was “okay/good” to consume dairy and there is no cruelty behind it. My brain accepted but my heart wasn’t ready yet. I never inclined towards non veg again. Five years passed, i graduated and started working and still was a vegetarian. Then Oct 2015 i stumbled upon Gary Yourofsky’s speech in you tube, and it all made sense. It was a life changing experience. I questioned myself and i felt like i lived a lie for all my 24 years of my life. I immediately decided to go vegan , i dropped a message to Gary and how he made my life clear, thanked him. He was polite and kind to drop me a reply. I took 3 months though to slowly transform, i know there are overnight vegans. But in my case i took time to educate myself watched all the possible vegan documentaries, kept me motivated. Found all vegan eating options, vegan food replacements like plant based milk and learnt to buy my grocery by reading the ingredients. Stopped buying animal tested toiletries, cosmetics and started replacing everything with vegan brands and products. The change i felt when i went vegetarian was short lived (because of dairy consumption , always left me feeling bloated) but going vegan made me feel i had a purpose to my life. I went vegan for animals. The feeling you have, going to sleep knowing you saved a life today. I’m a vegan and proud to be.

Vegetarian – March 2010

Vegan transition – Oct 2015-Dec2015

Vegan – Jan 2016 and going strong

Welcome aboard ! to chapters of my journey.

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