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I have been curious about ‘Juvia’s place‘ brand for a while. I have heard really good things about them and i decided to make some investment 🙂 I got 4 of their eyeshadow palettes recently, i would do a dedicated review on each of them. Starting with their ‘Warrior Palette‘. To give a background this brand is cruelty-free and all their products are vegan (as mentioned in their website) except for this warrior palette. This is also an African owned brand and their products are designed for human beings of color. How cool is that! We Indians also have all colors in the our skin tone spectrum from fair, tan, brown to deep skin. I believe this could be an amazing option for all  beauties of color ♥ .


Where to get:

You can purchase them online directly from their website, they do ship international. They also have some sort of sale often ongoing. I ordered mine from BEAUTYBAY’s website. You can get your’s from here as well.


Product Description:

All their palettes come in a cardboard packaging with magnetic closure. They are very sleek and not bulky. Each of their palette has its own unique artwork on the front and on the inside. That’s is so beautiful! love this idea. However there is no mirror in any of their palettes. ‘The Warrior by Juvia’s place‘ palette is themed as bronzed goddess with bronzy, gold and copper shades. This a an edgy twist to their original ‘Nubian‘ palette. There are totally 9 shades with a mix of 3 mattes and 6 shimmers. All shades are named as well. The pan size on these palettes are unreal, it is huge especially for that price. You get good amount of product on these. This looks like any regular neutral palette but this is definitely a step above than the average neutral shades.



I had this palette in my last month’s ‘shop my stash’. I had a good month’s time to play with it, get a feel for it and used it for multiple looks. I was able to do wearable looks to work, at the same time also kicked it up a notch with the intense warmer golds and coppers for a day out. Even though it only has 9 shades, i feel it has everything you’d need in a palette. It is surely well curated. You can use ‘Ahosi‘ for matte brow bone highlight or as a base lid shade, ‘Kano‘ makes a good transition color and ‘Mino‘ to deepen the look. With this layout you could add any of the shimmer on top and get a complete look. My favourite shade has to be ‘Amina‘ love this for an all over lid shade.

For a while i was hesitant to buy Juvia’s place eyeshadows as they can look really intimidating on the pan. I was surprised to see that their matte shadows are very buildable. On your first application you don’t get a ton of pigment, you can start very subtle and build it up to the intensity you desire. But that is not the case with shimmers, they are insanely pigmented. If you want a sheer application of shimmer, you can get that as well with a fluffy shader brush or even with finger application but working with a little product at a time.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Sleek packaging and easy to travel with
  • Insanely pigmented shimmers
  • Easy to work with for day to night looks
  • Buildable mattes
  • Affordable price range


  • No mirror
  • Not vegan
  • Working with dark matte brown could be tricky

My Review:

I don’t really have much negatives on this. I genuinely like their formula, it is definitely high quality. I would recommend this palette if you are neutral lover or like bronzy looks. They are easy to work with and would also make a good gift item. Having just the basic shades sometimes saves us from the overwhelming feeling.

Have you guys already tried this brand or this palette? Let me know your thoughts on this 🙂 would be nice to hear from you!

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥