What is ‘Stop my stash’?

I learnt about this method from Youtube. And ever since i have had my mind blown. I find it immensely helpful. Basically this process enables you choose and rotate through the makeup products on monthly basis (or weekly / quarterly – you can choose the schedule) out of your collection. Every month you pick out a set of makeup from your own stash. And you use all of the chosen items for the next 3 weeks.

I don’t know who found/started this, but this a great idea! I mean who doesn’t love shopping right 😉 hehe.  I have been doing this for the past 3 months now. I would like to start posting them here, going forward. There might be different ways to do this. With my personal experience i had definitely learnt some tips and lessons. I wanted to share it here to get you interested in this as well.



  • This is not a strict process so you can customise this as per your preferences.
  • If you don’t have this done already, i would recommend to have some type of storage/organisation for all your makeup collection in one place. I would share my personal collection soon in another post of you are looking for any tips.
  • Have a separated place or mini storage where you get ready everyday morning. Use this space to keep your shopped stash that you’ll be using for the next few weeks.
  • Also if you prefer to, you can keep a dedicated or separate section for new purchases/PR’s (if you receive any)/gifts etc.

How to kick start:

  • Got to your main collection and look through them as per categories or how you’d apply them. Just start picking out the products and put them aside.
  • To make it more fun you can have a basket or tray of some sort and fill it up with the selected makeup. Later carry this basket to your actual vanity and organise everything there (this is optional of course 🙂 ).
  • Plan a schedule, i do mine monthly (every 3 weeks). You can do this weekly, bi-weekly or even quarterly. If you tend to get bored with your makeup sooner then make it a shorter period. Alternatively, if you’d like to have the chance to use everything to your heart’s content maybe keep a longer duration.

How to choose the products:

  • For starters, don’t over or under do it. This is something you’d learn as you go based on your preferences and practises.
  • When you pick too many stuff for e.g. 10 eyeshadow palettes per month, you may not get the chance to use all of them. Try to keep it realistic so you don’t overwhelm yourself.
  • If you select less, you might get bored using the same items over and over again. Try to have some diversity so you don’t lose interest.
  • This can help you to curate the selection for seasonal makeup. Many people change their makeup style based on the climate/season (Winter, fall, spring and summer), this method can come in handy for it.
  • Be true to yourself, make sure that nothing is getting neglected. For e.g. If you really enjoyed a bronzer that you used last month & decide to keep it in the rotation for the next month as well, that is okay. But make sure you add one more bronzer from your collection.
  • Try not to go to your main collection in the middle of the rotation and pull in more products. If you find yourself doing this often, notice why you are doing it and for which product for e.g. if it is a blush because your shopped stash had less variety then make sure you add more options for your next round.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself and make this a forceful practise. Instead this process should be more enjoyable for you 🙂 .
  • When in confusion or stuck between two products, choose the one that you feel more excited towards. You can definitely tell if you carefully listen to your heart. If you feel the same for both then pick ’em both, i mean why not?

End of the cycle:

  • By end of the rotation, there might be many observations you might have already made about yourself. Products that you absolutely love or don’t prefer anymore.
  • You might  have re-discovered some of your favourites that might have been forgotten.
  • There is a good chance for you to finish up/hit pan on some of your products this way.
  • If you are also doing a ‘project pan’ (i will do a separate post on this) then leave those products in, unmindful of the rotation and continue to focus on them.

Benefits of this method:

  • When you see the a new release from any brand, you wouldn’t be tempted to buy that! It might look very similar to something you already own or you might already have a good number of that category in your collection (having a makeup inventory would be very insightful in this case as well).
  • Everything gets loved, anything that is not your cup of tea anymore can be decluttered or used up.
  • Everything has a home and is organised. You wouldn’t find yourself among tons of products or clutter that might give you any unease.
  • This way you are being more conscious and less wasteful.
  • There is a good chance that you would save some money in this process.

Is this something you are already doing? Or planning to give a try? I would highly recommend to do a test drive for a few weeks, get the hang of it and see for yourself how you feel about it. If you found this helpful or have any additional queries or tips feel free to let them down below in the comments!

It was so fun talking to you guys 🙂

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥