When i started playing with makeup few years back, my collection was very curated and small. As time passed, i found myself with so much more stuff. And i was being influenced by all the beauty brands and creators that i did not even realise until i saw my collection grow this much. It became overwhelming to me, that is when i decided to take a step back and refresh everything. I did a makeup declutter and the results were rewarding and relaxing.


Since then i have dabbled into makeup inventories, project pan’s and shop my stash (or everyday makeup drawer). I would like to do some more posts on these because they are eye-opening.

This has helped me to get more awareness of things that i already own and also the time it takes to use up makeup products (which is not easy i’m realising it now!). I also want to be more conscious and be less wasteful, this will help me to save money as well! And overall i will not be overwhelmed or get anxiety every-time i look at it 🙂 . All that said let’s jump into this. If you are planning to do a declutter soon, you can use this as a starting place or a guide.


One question to ask yourself is what exactly you would like from this declutter and have that as your goal. For example it could be something like ‘reduce the numbers’ or ‘keep things only you like’.

  • The ruthless move: Remove tons of stuff even the ones you like. The main aims is to bring the numbers down. Remove duplicates or similar products. Anything that you don’t use often. Basically everything you keep needs to be justified with a reason. This can be very helpful for huge collections.
  • Only place for loved ones: Remove the items that you don’t love/like anymore or that didn’t work for you (for e.g. wrong foundation shades). Or something you liked when you first bought it but your makeup tastes have changed now. Some products we buy out of influence or recommendations but that is not actually our ‘style’. You might like only neutral eyeshadows but bought a colourful palette for some reason. You don’t necessarily have to be running behind the beauty trends, just BE YOURSELF because you are one of a kind 🙂 .
  • Kon-Mari method: To keep only the things that brings you joy! How is this different from the previously mentioned method you ask? Well you don’t have to get rid of the things that you might use only once in a blue moon if it brings you joy. Anything that puts a smile on your face and spark in your heart stays!
  • Miscellaneous categories: Products that takes too much effort for eg: for blending or needs mixing up different shades or items that take too much space in your storage (bulky packaging). Things that are sentimental (gifted to you but you do not prefer them). Products that are changing in formula (odd smell, change in colour, separations). Anything you are keeping ‘for the sake of it’, i see this commonly among YT’s where they keep things just because they might need it for a video in future.
  • Mashup of all: You can also use this for different categories of makeup or mix them all up and use them as you see and feel the best for you.


  • Pull out all the products from your storage drawers, your makeup/travel bags, handbag and bathroom. Gather them and put them in one place, by category. If your collection is really huge to tackle all at once then go by how you apply them for eg. start with primers, foundations and setting sprays on day one and go on from there. Looking at all the products in one place can be a shocker!
  • Based on the goal you have in your mind, take the time to go through each item and decide what to do with them. Keep a declutter pile and detain pile. Anything old goes to garbage/recycle pile. If you are at a tough decision spot with any item then make a maybe pile, at the end of the process come back to them by now you’d have gotten a hang of it and it would be easier to decide.
  • Take a before and after photo in your phone, this is important for you to see the progress you have made and be proud of yourself. An extra step would be to take the number of products and see how much you got rid of. This will also give you ideas of the product categories you like or don’t like. You will get some self realisation out of it that you might have not even noticed before.
  • Arrange and organise your ‘keep pile’ back in your vanity/makeup storage. Clean up your space if they are dirty. Get inventive or creative, add some organisers (for eg. use an older coffee mug to hold your lip products). Pintrest can get you loads of inspirations. You will also have space for any future new products.
  • Finally separate the declutter pile, either donate them or sell them or pass to friends & family. Anything that is old trash those products.


The results are so relieving like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulder. Sometimes less is more. On other hand curating or being aware of things you own can help you be more mindful and appreciative.

This year i lost my phone and my laptop (Almost). These moments gave me the disturbed feeling but also made me realise how easy it is to get attached to these physical things. Do keep this practise periodically and make a note of all your new purchases, that would help you to keep things in check.

I’m also planning to do a makeup collection/organization post, since my declutter has been completed. That is one of my favourites to watch on YT or read in blogs.

I hope this helped you in someway. If you have any tips, do let me know in the comments below, would love to learn from you guys as well!

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥