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This post is a sequel to the previous ‘Daytime skincare routine‘ if you haven’t read it already, do check it out. We are talking all about night-time routine today. Most of us are just tired after the long day’s work and just want to jump into the bed. But on contrary, taking the step for your night-time skincare can be a quick relaxing self-care time. It would help you relax and get ready for an amazing sleep. I’m not going to lie, i have felt lazy many a times and end up doing a quicker version of my skincare however for most days i do invest my time for this.

Night time routine is very significant to clean all the dirt and makeup off and layer on skincare products that could sink and do the work for having a wonderful skin, while you are asleep. These are the 6 basic steps i would like to outline, but you could always switch up as you feel suited. I have been following this for almost a year now and i love each step of it. My skin definitely behaves better when i give the time it deserves.


If you are like me and wear makeup then this is the most important step of all. It is never a good idea to sleep with your makeup on. Even if you don’t wear makeup, cleansing at the end of the day is very essential to remove excess oil, pollutants or dirt to leave your skin feeling clean. There are quite few ways to cleanse:

  • Double cleanse: This is my current favorite method. The first step is to breakdown the makeup or dirt with an oil-based cleanser and remove it with a warm-wash cloth (run a face towel under warm water, squeeze out the excess water). This will avoid the use of makeup wipes and provides additional exfoliation. After this go with any cleanser of your choice cream, foaming, gentle, face soap etc. and rinse with water.
  • Makeup wipes and Micellar water: This is the method i follow on my lazy days where i cant bother and want to be done with. I use makeup wipes and add the micellar water to the wipes directly and remove the makeup. Later on i go over with a cleanser and rinse off. Since this is a wasteful option, i have been reducing the use of wipes and slowly moving to reusables and wash cloths.
  • Cleansing Tools: This is great option to get a deep cleanse especially for combo/oily skin types who have acne or blemish prone concerns. I wouldn’t recommend it for every day but 1-2 times a week. You can plan this on weekends or the nights where you can have extra time for it. You can use any cleanser (depending on the type of tool you are using) in combination with your skincare tool. I’m currently using Foreo (blue color) that is meant for the combination skin, it is amazing product and i’ll be doing a dedicated review on this.


Once you have a cleansed face, follow up with an alcohol-free toner. You could use any toner of choice depending on your skin type with a cotton round (i would recommend to use reusable ones) or the kind you could directly spray on to your face. For sensitive skin you could go with a soothing toner, for dry skin something with hyaluronic acid would be great and combo/oily you could use an oil control/pore cleansing toner. Another option would be to incorporate acid based toners like ‘Pixi 5% glycolic acid’ or ‘Retinol acid’ for a mild exfoliation and glow.


I talked about essence in my daytime skincare post. It originated from the famous ‘Korean glass skincare’ method. Essence is laid as first step and this give you hydration and a dewy base. It also preps your skin for all the other products to layer on top nicely. Bodyshop has some amazing essence options. Another great product is the ‘Pixi rose caviar’ essence. This is an additional step that can give the extra oomph to your skincare regimen. The best way to apply an essence would be a pressing motion.


The step goes from lightest products to heaviest. Start with a serum go for something anti-aging like vitamin-c or hydrating with hyaluronic acid or something for a glow. If you have under eye as a concern area like me i would recommend to incorporate eye serums as well.

Follow by a moisturizer of your choice for your skin type or concern. For wrinkles, anti-aging, collagen based, vitamin-C or vitamin-E based, aloe-based soothing creams or something with deep hydrating properties for dry skin. There are tons of good cruelty-free night creams to choose from.

Finally end with an eye cream, this step is often skipped by some. Even if you have the perfect under eye area i would still recommend to use an eye cream. Spending so much time in-front of computers and mobile phones can put stress on the eyes. It is a delicate area that needs extra caring. Going with an eye cream would provide hydration and help combat ,aging.

And don’t forget your lips ofcourse! Use a heavy hydrating balm or lip mask or even a lip oil in the night before sleep (recommended especially if you sleep in presence of an AC). You’ll wakeup with soft supple lips.


Once you reach the well hydrated base follow up with a facial oil. The facial oil is going to help lock in the moisture and provide additional hydration to your skin. Don’t shy away from oils if you have oily/combo skin. They don’t clog your pores, i can speak from personal experience, having a combo skin type. Research and use the best oil for your skin type or concern.


This final step is optional if you need to go there. I have blemishes and for this i use targeted treatments like gels or creams. If you have a breakout you could go in with an anti-acne product like tea-tree. Additionally you could choose acid based products for exfoliating properties. Like the good genes lactic acid, retinol products, glycolic acid, AHA’s and BHA’s. Each have unique properties to help your skin, if you have never used them before start with mild acids in less doses (twice a week or alternative days). Another option would be to use a product (in the previous 5 steps) that is an acid infused/based product for double the benefit in single step. Like glycolic acid toner or a retinol cream.

That would end the skincare before sleep time routine. Lastly, don’t forget to drink good amounts of water throughout the day and eat a healthy diet for that matters!

What are some of your tips or steps in your skincare? Do share them in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts. I’m no dermatologist or skincare expert but this has worked well for me based on personal experience. I recommend you do your research on do’s and don’ts that would best suit your lifestyle and skin type.

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