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A few months ago, I learnt that the ‘Makeup revolution’ was actually a cruelty-free brand. I was amazed by the tons of vegan options they have in both skincare and makeup. They have dupes for some of the high-end cult favorite makeup products. They also have many collaborations with influencers and beauty-YT’ers. Once such is the SophX palette (with youtube channel called sophdoesnails) and it came out 2 years ago, i’m late to the party but couldn’t help but share a review on this. They also did a highlighter palette as part of the same collab, which i have ordered as well and would do a separate post.

Where to get:

You can directly order this off from makeup revolution’s website, they ship international. Another option would be Beautybay (I purchased mine from here).  For my Indian readers you can order from  Nykaa .

Product Description:

This palette has 24 eyeshadows totally with 14 mattes and 12 shimmer shadows. External packaging is nude colored plastic material which has a good weight to it and doesn’t feel cheap. Inside you have a huge mirror that is clear and super good quality. The names of the shadows came printed on a separate plastic sheet which i threw away after taking the photos 🙂 . The shadows are closely placed on the palette hence they ran out of space to print the names. The variety and versatility of the colors are amazing in this. For anyone who gets intimidated by colorful palettes don’t worry cause I’m on the same boat with you and this one would definitely not scare you. They are more on the muted side or I could say wearable colors. Anyone can confidently rock these 🙂 . Having said that, you can build them up for intense looks as well. Easy to pull day to night time look and neutral to colorful looks. It also has your basics a white matte and a black matte with many transition shade options. The texture of these shadows were very nice to feel,  buttery and smooth that i even enjoyed the swatching. They all have names mostly based on food items, which is a nice touch however the sheet could be easily missed so having them printed on palette would have been better option.






I saw some videos where these eyeshadows were used as brow powders as well, personally i haven’t tried this (because of amazon forest of a brow), if that works for you, it would make a great multi-use product. The lighter shimmer shades can easily be used as highlighter, one of the browns could be used a bronzer, even one of color might suffice as a blush? The options are endless to experiment with 😛 . I have used this to work and on my weekend outings. It was very easy to use, easy effortless eyeshadow looks. There is a little kick back but no fallouts or patchiness. They aren’t overly powdery either.  My favorites are the mattes, also the bronzy golds from second row and love the gunmetal color ‘petrol’. The shadows can be used with lighter intensity, and can be built up with couple of additional dips in the pan. This is what i love about this, you don’t have to be sacred of making any mistakes when playing with this for first time or even when doing some colorful looks. Don’t get me wrong, they are still very pigmented and so are the shimmers, gorgeous as well. You don’t even have to do the wet brush for application of these shimmers as they are intense enough on their own.


  • Affordable.
  • Versatile.
  • Pigmented.
  • Could potentially be a multi-use product.
  • Easy to use ; easy to blend.
  • Vegan, Cruelty-free, Gluten-free.
  • Huge clear mirror – travel friendly.
  • Buildable and intense shadows formula.
  • Would make excellent palette for Indian bridal makeup.


  • Names printed on sheet
  • Closely packed/placed shadow
  • May not have the best ingredients (if you have sensitive eye recommend to look it up before purchase) 

My Review:

You might have already guessed my review, i love this obviously. It is hard to see vegan palettes especially the ones carrying red color based shades, seeing this as all vegan is so satisfying. If makeup revolution can do it so can other high end brands. You can get this for yourself or as a gift. Soph has done a great job on this palette. Fabulous palette without a doubt 🙂

Do you already own this? are you planning to get one? Let me know how you liked this would be happy to hear from you guys. I hope this was in someway helpful or entertaining for you.

Have a wonderful and happy day ahead.

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