Hello there, welcome to vegandiarist. Today we are talking about skincare.

I have been into skincare from middle school, i can remember doing face masks and bleaches etc. As I grew up i started dabbing into more like moisturizers, spf lotions, face scrubs. But it had always been minimal and simple. Even with my makeup, when i started to play with makeup i was in college. But when i actually started wearing was 1 year after my work life started. I would do a cc cream, mascara, kajal, eyeliner, a lip balm or gloss and that would be it. Thinking about it now, puts a smile on my face wow the simpler times. 

So after almost 25-26 years of my life now i have a full blown skincare routine and boy oh boy i enjoy it. It is very important we all have one, skincare isn’t a gimmicky practice. I can say for sure by personal experience. It is also best you start in your early-mid 20’s. As we age, our body changes so does our skin. I used to have normal skin to dry skin growing up. Now i have a combination skin type. A routine is great to help treat your skin problems, protect them from damage, prevent aging and most of all just to give yourself some time for self-care (cause you deserver it 🙂 ).

This is just the skincare regimen that i have been doing for over a year now and worked great for my skin. There are days i switch up or skip some steps. But pretty much this is my everyday skincare routine. I’m also planning to do a follow up post with the actual products that I use as well. Well here we go:


The first thing you would have to after waking up is wash your face with luke warm or cold water. Having combo skin type myself, when I wakeup in the morning I always find my T-zone really oily especially on my nose. You can any cleanser you like something gentle, for everyday use should do the trick. Washing and cleansing the face will remove any product build ups, impurities, excess oil builds, bacteria that might have accumulated though the night. You can also use any cleansing tools of your choice (every other day, or twice a week).


I used to think toner was one of those unnecessary steps, but i was proved wrong. When i started using toner, i realized how much oil control it did for my t-zone. My makeup would just slid off so quickly within the first 2hours of the day. Toner helped to reduce that and my breakouts reduced as well. Depending on the type of toner you use, it can help to exfoliate, brighten, hydrate your skin. Choose any toner of your choice that you like and adopt it into your morning routine. Certain toners come in spritz bottle, that you can directly spray on to your face to get that nice refreshed feeling. Or disperse onto a cotton pad and apply across your face.


This is a fairly new step that i started incorporating from the last 3 months. Essence is a liquid based product that you apply to the skin by pressing motion (not rubbing in the skin). Essence will prep your skin for your other skincare products to be applied on top of. This is actually a Korean skincare practice to achieve a glowy, reflective glass like skin. This is an amazing step that i highly recommend, I could see immediate results on how this made my skin glow naturally from within. I love love love this step (one of my favorite step to do). Essence also comes in different skin care options like anti-aging, firming etc.


Serums are generally semi liquidy product that you apply before your moisturizer. They are not as hydrating as a moisturizer but definitely hydrate and provide additional skincare properties. I would suggest to choose an SPF serum or SPF moisturizer to have you protect from sun. Getting products in your skincare regiment with SPF protection is a time saving tip. Serums sink well into the skin and provide you with anti-aging, hydration, brightening, acne reducing, mattifying and more benefits depending on the type you choose. They also have additional skincare ingredients like salicylic acid, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid etc. Another great product to have in your routine.


This is my second favorite step of morning skincare. This would be the minimum most people would do, hydrate with a face cream. Using a SPF cream would be an added plus (make sure one of your skincare product have the SPF protection, if not then do add it as a separate step). If you have oily skin, don’t skip this step. Moisturizing is still an essential for skincare, your skin needs the hydration to stay supple. You can look for gel-creams or oil-free moisturizers. If you have dry skin, go with heavy hydrating creams to keep your skin happy throughout the day. Normal skin beauties can use anything for brightening or anti aging or any skin concern you might have. Sensitive skin types can use natural based creams with no harmful ingredients such as parabens, pthalates.

Followed by face hydration, use under eye creams for the delicate eye area. You can again use an all rounder cream or specific type of cream for your skin concerns. Hydration, brightening, peptides, ant-aging and caffeine eye creams are great for the under eyes. Neve skip this step or substitute with your face cream. Instead invest in a good eye cream cause they deserve the care 😉 .


This is an additional step only if you need to. I have blemish prone skin so i use blemish reducing targeted treatments. If you have acne problem, dark spots etc, you can give them special treatments with spot care. And let them sit on the skin to dry. You can also use preventive targeted creams or gels to problem area. For example if you have acne prone are near your t-zone or pores, then apply an anti acne cream (or salicylic acid) in those areas. This helps especially when you break out during that time of the month. Give a good 20minutes (or more) for your skincare to settle in before starting with your makeup routine.

This is a gender neutral skincare routine any human-being can follow. Taking care of the skin and giving it the time it deserves is very much a necessity. You can start now if you haven’t already or add in more steps to your current routine. You don’t have to invest in super expensive products, there are loads of affordable options to choose from that are of good quality as well. Last but not least, use cruelty-free products from cruelty-free brands that does not test on our furry friends. Beauty does not have to be on the expense of animal lives 🙂 .

Let me know some of your tips and tricks on your skincare routine below in the comments, i would love to hear them. I hope this article helped you to make your beautiful self even more. 

……………………..Until next time ðŸ™‚ Vegandiarist â™¥â™¥â™¥