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So my last two posts were all about the new cruelty-free brands added to Sephora SG this year, which put a big dent in my pocket (just kidding, or am i?  😛 ). The next on the list is ‘Tata Harper‘. I collected a bunch of their products mostly the sample versions that gave me a really good idea of the overall quality. I have been using them from past 3 – 4 months. We will talk about each product by product on the same order that we would apply them.DSC03254_edit


Tata harper is a luxury skin care brand. They are cruelty-free, PETA and leaping bunny certified. Not all of their products are vegan. They are also eco-certified and are free from GMO, toxins, fillers, synthetic chemicals, artificial colors snd fragrances . Their ingredients are of high quality, pure and natural.


All their packaging comes in matte green glass jar or bottle with a golden cap. Even though i’m not a big fan of green color, i dig this packaging. The entire line (or at-least the products i have tried) has this kind of uplifting scent like a very mild creamy citrusy lemon. This cleanser has a light salmon color to it and somewhat of a semi liquid consistency. Some of its ingredients include sunflower seed, apricot, olive oil, white clay, willow bark extract, borage leaf extract, alfalfa extract, meadowsweet extract and a few more fruit/flower extracts. This is an exfoliating cleanser, you use this directly on dry skin to activate it. Work and massage through the skin and rinse off. The apricot scrub is gentle on the skin yet gives you a deeply cleansed effect. This removes the makeup and impurities and oil build up. I love the scent and how creamy it feels after washing off. I don’t get the dry feeling at all instead it leaves my skin soft, subtle and well drenched. This would be good for most skin types. For an everyday exfoliating cleanser this is a great option, it also has the BHA in it to give a glowing radiant skin. This cleanser is ‘vegan’. They do have different types of cleansers for different skin types and conditions. Once i finish up my current cleansers i would definitely be picking up the ‘Clarifying cleanser‘ (for blemish prone skin).


A peach colored gel mask, that has the same/similar uplifting citrusy scent. I believe this and regenerating cleanser are their best sellers. This mask is best suited for achieving radiant skin. It also claims to rid of blocked pores and dull rough skin. Some of the ingredients include willow bark extract, beet root extract, corn starch, rose clay etc. As it comes in a glass jar and in gel consistency, it is also very cooling and soothing on the skin. This claims to help refine the pores, soften the skin and provide healthy glow. This also has the BHA skin ingredient in it. This product is ‘vegan‘ as well. This sample size mask came up to 2-3 uses. It is a good mask and i enjoyed it, however i would love to try the ‘clarifying mask‘ next (also for blemish prone skin).


A hydrating facial mist that smells like a flower bouquet. This is best for dry and mature skin. You have an option to pick it up it two different sizes. The ingredients include willow bark extract, alfalfa, olive oil, lavender extract, borage leaf extract, rice extract and more of the goodness. It claims to boost and lock moisture in the skin with the hyaluronic acid, plump the skin, soften textures and smooth down the wrinkles. This can also be used for setting your makeup. This is also a ‘vegan-friendly‘ product. This was the first product i went though, i finished couple of these samples. I loved them to the core. It is like standing under a cooling floral water fall. It really made my skin feel smooth and reduced the appearance of my smile lines (flawless makeup application). I would really love to repurchase this, but they are on the expensive side. If and when a sale comes up on Sephora i’m getting these 🙂 .


This was a full sized product i picked up. It was a splurge but i’m always on the lookout for the best eye cream as i have dark circles. It has a lot of product and considering how much eye cream I use, this should last me 6-8 months are even so a year. This is multi-correctional eye cream that provides brighter under eyes, reduces wrinkles and signs of aging, dryness and dark circles.It has aloe vera juice, safflower, lavender, olive oil, date seed, buck wheat, willow bark, rice extract and much more. This is also ‘vegan‘ and one of their best selling eye creams. There is something about this eye cream that is so addictive. When i apply it literally gets absorbed into the skin, it is very smooth and gives a nourishing feeling. Makeup and concealer application on the top goes very seamlessly. My under eye stays hydrated throughout the day. It smells amazing and uplifting as well. My dark circles haven’t vanished completely but they definitely seem to be reducing and don’t show up so highly on days when i’m extra tired. I love this eye cream, highly recommend and would be repurchasing when i run out.


This serum boosts hydration and provide anti aging benefits such as reduced appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. It has the similar citrusy, creamy lemon scent as well. Some of the ingredients include mango, aloe vera, rice extract, olive oil, date seed and willow bark extract. This is a really hydrating and moisturizing serum. This is heavy duty. You only need a tiny amount to cover entire face and you can still feel how heavily hydrating it is. Honestly you don’t need a moisturizer after this, just this serum would suffice on its own. I’m liking and enjoying this serum however i would recommend this for people with dry skin or best used in the winter season. I would finish these up but wont be repurchasing again. The rejuvenating serums are also ‘vegan‘.


This is a hydrating moisturizer that provides plump and hydrated dewy skin, best for dry, dull and mature skin. It also has various vitamins and minerals in in that provides a youthful skin and helps to minimize wrinkles. Some of the major ingredients are mango, safflower, willow bark extract, olive oil, jojoba seed oil, rose water, honey, Spanish lavender, coco seed, alfalfa, borage leaf extract, buckbean flower extract and a few more in there. This ‘isn’t vegan‘ though. This moisturizer is very much light weight compared with the serum. It would be good for oily/combo and dry skin types. It is a hydrating and soothing moisturizer. I liked it, however i would like to try ‘clarifying moisturizer‘ in the future.


Retinol is another super ingredient in skincare products for anti-aging, hydration, reducing acne etc. This oil claims to have hydrating properties especially to reduce dry patches and irritated skin. The major ingredients on this one are rose seed oil, olive oil, jojoba seed oil, apricot oil etc. Only the same size has this roller ball applicator. The full/normal size comes with a pump dropper. This oil is also ‘vegan‘. It has a flora scent to it and smells relaxing . It is very lightweight unlike most facial oils. When i applied onto my face, it glided on the skin nicely and started to soak in. I got that tingly sensation and could feel my skin absorbing this oil deep within. Another favorite of mine, when i’m done with all my facial oils i would love to repurchase this one.


The final product and another full size is the spot solution cream. It targets and reduces blemishes without irritating or drying the skin. It has salicylic acid in it , which is another super skin ingredient. That helps to sooth the redness and gently clear the blemishes and breakouts. Ingredients in this are sage, sandalwood, willow bark, apple seed, sea buckthorn, broccoli, wintergreen, mushroom, olive oil, alfalfa, aloe vera leaf, borage leaf extract and more. This spot cream is ‘vegan‘ as well and also has the mild uplifting and citrusy scent. The applicator is really pointed which makes a great concentrated application. I don’t get acne a lot but every-time i do, it always ends up in a blemish. This has done wonders for me, i apply overnight and wash off in the morning. I wouldn’t suggest to apply this below makeup. Because when applied on skin and slightly blended in, it comes out with a bit of nitty-gritty powdery feel. It sometimes shows immediate effect, like on the following day morning i could see significant reduction on the blemish mark. Sometimes i see difference after continuous user over couple of day or so. I saw some people gave reviews ton this of not anything for their acne, but this is more so for blemish problem than acne. It might give slight acne reducing effect but i wouldn’t expect more from this. I love this will definitely stock up once it gets over.

Over all this brand has something for everyone and every skin concerns. They are not just luxury brand but they are worthwhile your money as they are of really good quality and provide the good effects that they claim. I would suggest that you go on to their website read thorough and build up a regiment that would suit you. Another alternative option is to try their daily essentials skin set that has sample of most products mentioned here. You can try, use them and buy the full size on products that you really like. I would highly recommend this brand, i love their products and so does my skin 🙂 <3 .

I hope this gave you guys some insights and help you to make your own purchases of products you like. 

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥