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For all newbies, Petitvour is a beauty box monthly subscription service. They are completely vegan and cruelty-free. It is a nice way to try out new samples or brands and decide to invest on products you like. If you are interested do check the out (here). In the August box, there are 4 products as always. The August box is curated for a “Beauty routine” theme. To try new products and switch things up, this would be a nice way to do so. Let’s jump in shall we.

EYE OF HORUS – Brow define:


I’m not really a brow makeup kinda person as i have an amazon forest for eyebrows 🙂 no kidding, i have really thick black eyebrows. I only use clear brow gels to kind of set them in place and fluff it up. I tried to use brow products in the past, it kind of made me look like an angry person 😀 . Personally i don’t think i need to do my brows but maybe i will give this a try or pass it to my mom. I have heard some good product reviews from this brand, i haven’t anything from them yet. The brow pencil i got is in the shade ‘medium brown‘, it is a dark brown i believe it would suit on my black brow hairs. One end has a spooly brush and the other has the twisting brow pencil. Also this is a full sized product! When i tested it out in my hand, it was easy to make hair like strokes. This is a good addition i would say especially for all the brow queens out there.

ODACITE – Cleanser:


Cleansers is another essential product that everyone needs and use in their beauty/skincare routine. This black mint cleanser from odacite is made from charcoal and clay for purifying and cooling effect. Charcoal is a super skin ingredient as it detoxes the skin and helps to remove all the gunk. This cleanser claims to remove excess oil, impurities and makeup. And the travel size is perfect if you have any upcoming travel plans or just to have a trial at this product. Its ingredients also include tea tree oil, peppermint oil, rosemary extract and sunflower seed oil. I can tell from the ingredients this is going to be a hydrating, cooling skin product 🙂 . Another versatile addition to this month’s box.

FORMULARY 55 – Body mask:


It is easy for many of us to ignore our body care routine. Apart from an occasional scrub or an oil not much is done for our bodies right? At least that is true for me, i mean who has the time right 🙂 . This is the perfect chance to step up and take care of our bodies more. This all over sea clay body mask is designed to tone, treat, tighten, purify and remove impurities, pollutants, excess oils without stripping the skin dry. You can apply this all over the body, it says to be effective on neck, back and the décolletage. This can also be used on the face or as spot treatment. That is wonderful to have multi-uses in one product. I’m just going to be slathering this all over my body and it would probably come for one or two uses. It is made from dead sea mineral clay, matcha powder, activated charcoal and essential oils. All of the good stuff. I’m guessing the green color is probably from the matcha. I would use this during the summer time, just to enjoy it completely.

ST.TROPICA – Hot oil hair mask:


I have heard about this hair mask when it was referenced by some of the vegan you-tubers. It was specifically recommended for fine hair as it does not weigh down the hairs. At first i was skeptical, i mean it is coconut oil. We Indians have used all types of hair oils growing up and coconut being one of the most commonly used. But i used this one up almost immediately after i got it and this was amazing on my hair. I shared with my husband as well and it was a good amount of product. After washing it off, our hairs felt well hydrated and less frizzy and smooth. I admit i loved it. It also had additional ingredients to it apart from the coconut oil. Heating up the oil before applying makes a huge difference, that i have noticed. I loved this and if i could, would buy this 🙂 .

There you go, we just got totally beauty routined 😉 with all these hot stuff in this month’s box. If i would have to recommend just one among all, i would recommend the ST.Tropica hair mask. I hope this gave you some ideas to incorporate some new skin/body/hair care to your routines.

Stay kind, stay happy.

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