Hello there! Welcome to Vegandiarist. Lately i have been going through ups and downs and did not get the inspiration to write anything new. But sometimes i forget that writing is what inspires me and not the other way round 🙂 . So here i am with something new and exciting, a fashion post. This has been in due for 2 weeks now and i wont excuse myself if i would delay it anymore. I’m super thrilled to share this one especially, as we have a good mix of review, what’s in my bag and a new launch announcement all together!


Angela Roi is one of the ‘It‘ fashion brands in vegan community. This brand was established during 2013 in New York. They make ethical, luxury & modern classic vegan bags. Their vegan leather are made from exquisite polyurethane material (EPUL). They are ethically and sustainably sourced brand. Their message and support for the animals and people is inspiring to see.



If you are from the US , you’re lucky because you guys can directly shop from their website here – link (or walk into one of their store locations). For international shoppers like me, you could purchase from petitvour (this is where i got mine) or shopethica. If you can buy in the US itself, you would save the shipping and GST costs. Another plus would be receiving dust bags as they only come with US based purchases.


I was looking for a good vegan leather work bag, that is how i stumbled upon Angela Roi’s site. I also researched and saw some really good reviews from many vegan YT’s. Not gonna lie, I instantly fell in love with their chic designs. This was actually my second bag from them. My first was the Ann shopper which is my everyday work bag. That would be coming soon to my blog in a separate post, so stay tuned. So coming back, the ‘Sunday mini‘ bag was perfect cross body bag that i was looking for. To take it for shorter outings and when i want to carry just my essentials. The design is so compact and small. Unlike most crossbody bags, this one comes with handles and removable/adjustable straps. This particular bag comes in 3 different colors black, baby pink and fuchsia pink (i went with black, shocker! yeah 😉 ). The gold hardware adds crisp sharpness to the design. A cute golden lock is attached to the front as a statement piece. And the brand name engraved into the smooth leather in a minimalist style at the back side along with a zipper compartment. Bottom of the bag is covered with four golden studs to help keep it clean. The inside of the bag is lined with lighter colored fabric. You get a phone compartment and another zipper pouch in the inside as well. The bag is well structured and retains it’s shape well even when empty.

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USES  –  ‘What’s in my bag’:

What other best way than doing a what’s in my bag to show some uses for this beauty huh. This is typically what i carry when i’m going out running some errands, dinner or even for a movie.

  • My Charles & Keith mini envelope wallet (if you are interested, i have a full blown review here), i carry my cards, money, coin in this obviously and this fits perfectly in the Sunday mini.
  • I don’t go anywhere without my lip balm or hand cream, I would go crazy without them. The lip balm i’m currently using is the ‘Rose lip balm / salve’ from ‘Rosebud perfume company’ (they are cruelty-free and this lip balm is vegan).
  • The hand cream is from ‘Lemongrass house’ , a spa brand based from Phuket, Thailand (this hand cream is vegan as well).
  • My prescription glasses (and a cute unicorn fiber cloth cover) that i only wear for laptop and movies, i would switch it with a sun glasses if i’m just going out and about in the day.
  • Lastly a tissue paper with loony toon baby Sylvester on the cover. Here is Singapore most food courts/eateries do not give you tissue, you have to bring your own. It looks like i take a lot less but this bag have place to fit more and i pack up stuff that i need accordingly for the day.




  • Elegant yet practical design.
  • Great for carrying essentials and travels.
  • It can store a lot of stuff for it’s size ( i was quite surprised)
  • Can be dressed up or dressed down, makes a stylish accessory.


  • Luxury bag hence the prize (but worth every penny).
  • It might be troublesome to pair with certain casual outfits.
  • Due to its size, there is possibility that it would look too small on slightly fluffy or taller framed person. But again it depends on everybody’s own taste, some might like it and some may not.


If you are looking for a new bag, i highly recommend Angela Roi. You don’t necessarily have to like the same design but they have more to choose from and they are beautiful pieces. They are doing so much for the animals by speaking up for them and creating fascinating leather like alternatives. Additionally it would be a perfect gift for your loved ones 🙂 .


P.S: Don’t judge me please, i love me some flip flops 😉 

Before you go, i got one more news for your beautiful soul. Angela Roi recently launched their ‘Micro Pebble leather – Hamilton collection‘. This collection includes two designs, a cross body (3 color options) and a round cross body (4 color options) . They are each released in some totally new color hues that was not part of their previous releases. Some beautiful images to admire for you here. Do check them out if you are in the market looking for one.

**Picture Source: Angela Roi website**

I hope i got you as excited as i was (wink wink). I love you all, have a great week, stay strong, stay beautiful. I will see you soon.

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥