So a couple of weeks ago, i had this dream. I’m sitting at this nice vegan restaurant with a group of people. None of their face were clear though. We order loads of looking food from their menu. The amount was so much that we decide to share, however i end up with no food. Somehow all the people in the table take my share and ate them completely. I was left with a hunger pang and sadness 🙁 . When i woke up i was craving for an all-vegan restaurant. Yeah ,i don’t know what this silly dream meant or why i got it 🙂 . But i was determined to treat myself to a nice vegan restaurant that day. That is how i ended up here, ‘Genesis vegan restaurant‘. To know more about them, you can check out  their page.

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It was a small, cozy & quiet restaurant. Their green colored chairs are the first thing that pops in my mind, when i think of them.  On one side of the restaurant, they had a shelf filled with vegan food (dairy free milk, dry noodle, cookies etc.),  that you could purchase. They also had some good looking baked goodies like vegan breads and moon cake etc. kept at display near the counter.


Their menu offered varieties in starters, rice varieties, noodle dishes, some western food, hot/cold drinks and desserts. We ordered quite some items off their menu to try. I read some reviews beforehand and I decided to order the most frequently raved food in their menu. The food came on decent time, we didn’t have to wait for long.



In the starters we got the ‘dumplings and yuba roll‘. I love dumplings, back in India we call them momo. Both the dishes were served with a side of chili sauce. The dumpling design was as such, it had additional layer of the external dough. It made it all flabby and slippery. It was hard to eat it. The taste of stuffing came out less because of overpowering layers of dough. The sauce tasted very good, that was the one main reason for me to gobble these down. The yuba roll was like a mock egg roll, the external layer was made from bean curd. Inside it had stuffing of diced spinach, carrots and mushrooms. I was excited to try this one. It tasted good but the bean curd was extremely chewy. I had to munch on them for a while before swallowing. Again because of the chewy nature the outside, taste of stuffing did not stand out. But the combination with the sauce added some flavour.



When i saw ‘lasagna‘ on menu, i was on cloud nine as it is one my favorite food. The lasagna was pretty heavy (in eating), it was made from soya meat, lentils, cashew based cheese and served with a side of salad. It tased more of lentil. I loved the lasagna , it was my second favorite item that i tried of all. However this was not mind blowing as that of ‘Browrice’ restaurants lasagna. My husband ordered the ‘Ginger mee sua‘ noodle dish. It was a soupy noodle with ginger flavored broth. It had tofu, some veggies and mock meat. The mock meat was pretty good, close to real one. However the broth was bit sweet. We tried requesting for spicy version but they said they don’t make anything spicy. I’m not a big fan of sweet flavour infused food, if you are into it, you might like this one.



The ‘tofu cheese cake‘ stole our hearts and bellies. It gets the first place. It was chilled, perfectly sweet, super soft and moist. It was the definition of deliciousness. It tasted exactly like a non-vegan cheese cake, you really don’t taste the tofu at all. It was pretty heavy too, but we managed to gulp down all of this goodness.

My husband had an iced ‘cranberry lavender‘ for his drink. This tasted fresh, refreshing and not too sweet. It was really good and would be my third favorite of all the items we tried here. I took a hot ‘mint tea‘. My oh my, i was not ready was this. The mint taste was so heightened, it was as if tasting a mentholated vapour medicine that we use for cold. I managed to drink half but wasn’t a fan. I don’t know, but i’m guessing some people might like this much of mint-ness but not me.

That was it, my overall eating experience was good. They had some interesting dishes. I wouldn’t say it was over the top or my most favorite, but it was definitely a decent restaurant that you could try once, if you are in Singapore. By end of the day i was stuffed and satiated 🙂 . And that is the only thing that matters isn’t it. Hopefully you enjoyed my review, have you been to this restaurant? If you have , what are your favorites? Do let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear it!

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥