Yo! Beautiful people, what is new or exciting going on with you now? Because i’m bringing some exciting news to y’all.


If you haven’t heard already, Beyond Meat’s ‘The beyond burger‘ was just launched in Singapore. As an opening event they parked a food truck at ‘Grand Hyatt’s‘ parking lot from Aug 15-18th (5 to 8:30 PM). They were selling two of their signature burgers in offer price at just 10 SGD$ each. Their burger patties are available in many places all over the world at retail grocery shops. However in Singapore, it is going to part of ‘mezza9‘ restaurant (Grand Hyatt hotel) menu from 20th august. How awesome is that! I have heard great reviews about them, i have tried some of their beyond meat products. So how could i not support them? 🙂 To know more about their burgers, you can read here. For more information on the burger release in Singapore, check out this link.


So on the last day, 18th Aug i dragged myself there and reached at 8:25 PM. Talk about laziness! 🙂 The entire parking lot smelled sooo good! The whole area was so happening with loads of crowd and music and it was so much fun. Since we went pretty late, my husband checked with the staff if they were still open and they were so friendly and replied to us with a big ‘yes, please do place an order‘. So we got in the line, i got one of both the burgers they offered in the menu. Within few minutes i got the burgers in my hand, luckily i did not have to wait!


The guy standing there was selling out to the passing crowd  ‘Vegan burgers, come and get your’s now‘. This was music to my ears, i mean i have never heard anyone selling vegan food out loud. Then he talked to us and mentioned twice ‘Thanks guys for coming and supporting us‘. Special mention to all the staffs there, they were so sweet and friendly, dancing and having great time. All the while spreading the vegan food with these animal free burgers!


Classic Cheese Burger (Had to move that bread to show the yummy cheese) 🙂 


Modern Asian Burger

The beyond burgers are famous because of their very original ‘beef‘ like taste. They are made purely with plants and not even soy. They are also gluten-free. Each burger has around 20g of protein! The reviews from many non-vegans were that these burgers tasted exactly like beef burgers. My vegetarian husband told me this is the best vegan burger he had tasted so far. And i was in cloud nine when munching on this deliciousness. The smell lingered on for so long, the patty melted in my mouth. The size was perfect and wasn’t heavy at all. I cannot wait to try them again after their release.

They are a must try! I loved both the burgers, so please don’t ask me to choose 😉 . Take your non vegan and vegan friends here. Show them we have vegan options that are much better for the health and environment but are made from plants.

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥