Couple of month back i went to Europe on a trip. I was nervous before going mainly because of the my dietary requirements. I wasn’t aware if i would get any vegan food at all. But to my surprise, i found so many vegan options, it was like a vegan haven. If you are planning to travel anytime soon or deciding a place to travel i highly recommend Prague, EU. It is a beautiful place with amazing vegan food. I also visited couple of places in Czech republic and Germany. Hopefully my mouth watering food journey helps you as food guide if you are visiting there or motivates you to go there! 😉

Before i start, i tried to link the place and the address wherever i could. If i’m not able to anywhere, i really apologize! Mainly because they were random places and i couldn’t find their information.

Also this is going to be long! Probably even longest i had written so far, grab a drink or snack before we start 😉 <3 .



Štěpánská 623/40, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

This is the hotel i was staying in. Their breakfast buffet had vegan options of ‘juicy mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, crispy potato hash browns and fresh fruits‘. I was so addicted to this, it was literally my everyday breakfast. I could probably eat this for the rest of my life and still not be bored of it! I mean honestly, i don’t know how they made those mushrooms but it was the ultimate i had ever tasted in my life! They also offered a separate menu with vegan/vegetarian options, i tried the ‘tofu quinoa salad and baked beans in sauce‘ out of the menu. I was not a big fan of the salad, it was kind of bland but the beans tasted great. For beverages there were a ton of options such as ‘tea’s, smoothies and fresh juices‘ to choose from. However being a coffee lover i typically took ‘cappuccino or latte with soy milk‘. No surprise there! 🙂 During one of the nights i ordered in ‘Thai vegetable curry and rice‘ as room service for dinner. For dessert option i tried their ‘fruit sorbets served with fresh berries‘. Loved the food, great options and i did not die of starvation during my stay, like i though i would 😉 .



Štěpánská 631/51, 110 00 Praha 1 – Nové Město-Nové Město, Czechia (website)

Just opposite to the hotel was this small and snug vegetarian/vegan cafe. I was lucky to have had this nearby. On the day i arrived and the last day before i left i had my lunches here. It was a special memory to me. The menu changes every day and it was written down in Czech language. But you can ask them at the counter for what is vegan, that is what i did. And they were so kind enough to explain it to me. On this first day i tried this ‘sweet potato and chickpea curry and rice, cabbage soup and vegan cheese cake for dessert‘. I had a really filling meal, i mean i was practically starving in the plane and this food was the first thing i ate after 20 hours of flight. I was so happy and energized after i gobbled down this amazingness. On my last day i had an afternoon flight, so before i went to airport i had my lunch here. It was a an ‘eggplant salad with sun-dried tomatoes and a bunch of greens with lemon based dressing‘ and i also took a ‘coffee with almond milk‘. It was like the perfect food before a travel. Light, refreshing and replenishing!



Malostranské nám. 38/24, 118 00 Malá Strana, Czechia (website)

The first day i spent exploring around, i came across this ice cream shop. Thanks to ‘happy cow‘ ! I took some rest and indulged in on guilt-free vegan dessert. They are mainly dairy based but they had vegan options! ‘Fresh fruit sorbets of strawberry, mango, passion fruit was available‘. You could also choose between a cup and cone, and size of the cup as small, medium or large. This was a cool option! I took a medium cup of mango sorbet. When i generally taste sorbet’s they are more of ice and less of flavour. But this was very close to that of an ice cream consistency with fresh mango fruit flavour. This is much more healthier for your body than dairy based ice creams or gelato. If you have a non-vegan friend, this is a great place to eat together.



Lidická 843/2, Anděl, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov, Czechia (website)

For an early dinner i went to this restaurant. They had vegan, vegetarian and non vegan options in the menu. I think there was just one or two vegan options in the menu. I ordered this ‘grilled egg plant topped with vegan cheese sauce and crispy brown rice‘. The photo does not do any justice to what i tasted. Even thought the vegan options were just one or two, they were damn delicious!



Plzeňská 8, Anděl, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov-Smíchov, Czechia (website)

This was my favorite restaurant of all the ones i tried in my entire travel and stay. I went here for lunch. They are basically almost all vegan. They have burgers, salad, snacks and more to choose from. Or you can select among the foods on display. So, basically you choose what you want and put in your bowl and mix it all up. And you pay for the weight of the entire selection. This kind of payment for the weight of your food, was my first experience. It’s a cool idea to avoid food wastage and pay only for what you eat. So i went ahead and choose almost a spoon-full of everything on the display except for the salad 😉 . I chose some ‘hummus, dhal, lentils, Mexican beans, rice, sauerkraut and more that i do not remember‘ 🙂 . Boy-oh-boy! The food tasted amazingly delicious. With every bite, it was different and mind blowing. I highly recommend their restaurant! It is a must try 🙂 .



Nádražní 54/102, Anděl, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov, Czechia (website)

This was another fully vegan restaurant i tried. By seeing the name, i though they just serve pasta, how silly of me! Ofcourse they had everything else but pasta 🙂 . The restaurant was small but crowded, we had to wait a bit to get a table together. Their website menu was different from the restaurant menu. I believe they change their menu everyday with new but limited options. There was a soup of the day and 3-4 main courses to choose from. The soup of the day was ‘Green pea soup‘, it was a creamy slightly sweet and stuffing soup! For main course i had ‘Salad with curry vegetables‘, this salad mainly had beetroot, some greens and peanuts with a side of lemon to squeeze in. The curry beetroots tasted almost exactly like my stir fry beetroot with Indian spices that i make in home. I should probably share the recipe here 🙂 . I’m not a salad person in general, but all these salads i tried in Prague made me a salad lover! To top it all, i had a ‘soy cappuccino‘ , no surprise there. I loved the heavy black stone-ceramic type of mug they used to server my coffee and soup. It kept them warm for longer time.



Spálená 2121/22, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia (website)

Another amazement was waiting for me during my trip, i learnt that Prague had so many outlets of ‘Loving hut restaurant’. When i went vegan, the first ever vegan restaurant i tried in Singapore was loving hut. I was so happy when i discovered this in Prague, in one of the malls. It was more of a order in counter out of a food court and not a restaurant. Near to them there were couple of more food counters, also offering some vegan options. But i decided to go with loving hut. It was the same practice here as well, similar to vegg-go. You choose what you like from the buffet display and pay for the weight. I took some ‘noodles, spring roll (humongous size i had ever seen), some rice, vegan meat ball sauce, soy chunks gravy and roasted potatoes‘. For drinks they had some ‘vegan flavored teas and kombucha‘. I selected the kombucha, this was my first time ever to taste a kombucha, it was interesting taste. The noodles was undercooked or kept open for long, it was so chewy and rubbery and cold. It was disappointing i could eat even a bite of it. I was able to finish the rest and they were all great but just wished, it was served hot.



Strakonická 948/1, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov, Czechia (website)

This was not my place of choice but had to go there for a get-together lunch. It is one of the famous places there, for their Italian food and wine. Luckily i was able to order vegan there. I chose a ‘tomato sauce based pasta without cheese‘ and ‘ice lemon tea for drink‘. Before the food came, just on my opposite side, i was able to glance at the big open kitchen. There was this huge dead fish hanging form the ceiling , when i say huge i mean human size. It would have been 5 – 6ft long. Many people went and stood by it and were taking pictures and selfies. It was very disturbing to see, i felt sad for the poor guy. I just looked away and kind of lost my appetite. The pasta was served then, i was able to eat just half of it, the size of the spaghetti was too big for my liking. But the presentation was good, i’ll give it that. I would have also preferred more of sauce. Not a recommendation from me, but if ever you find yourself there, you could order something similar as vegan option.



Na Bělidle 65/42, 150 00 Praha 5, Czechia (website)

During one of dinner event, i had gone to this restaurant. They had a couple of vegetarian options. I ordered a ‘Fusili pasta with some stir fried peppers, mushroom & spinach without the cheese‘. The staff were friendly here however my food took forever to come. The pasta was much better than what i had in ‘Wine food market’. This again is not my place of recommendation but if ever you find yourself here, this is a good vegan option to choose.



I had a weekend to explore the beautiful country and during one of the days i went to Dresden. Just when i got out of the bus stop, there was a food court sort of place that carried vegan food options.


Wiener Platz 4, 01069 Dresden, Germany (website)

The ambience of this place was very cozy and relaxing. This was same concept of paying for your food weight. There were quite a lot of options to choose from. So i picked up some ‘roasted potatoes, mushrooms, salad vegetables, kimchi (or that is what it looked like) with tomato sauce‘ and a ‘soy latte‘. I finished almost everything except for the mushrooms they were kind of chewy for my liking. The food was great, i was so happy and grateful to have found this place easily. This is best especially for travelers taking the bus 🙂


After roaming Dresden for a while, for a little break we stopped at a restaurant for a snack and rest. Before catching on the return train. I don’t have the name of this restaurant, sorry about that. This is the only place i couldn’t remember. It was a bar and cafe kind of place. I had an ‘iced soy latte and some fries with ketchup‘. The fries were crispy and light. Liked the taste. And if you are vegan you know, fries are vegan’s best friend 😉 .



On the way back form Dresden, in the Central train station i found this BIOMARKT which had a humongous amounts of ‘vegan chocolates, nuts, vegan whip cream and more vegan friendly stuff‘. I bought way more chocolates than i should have, guilty! he he, but i don’t regret it 🙂 . I did not carry any Euro currency change, luckily a lady near me helped me with some change to buy the paper bag. I thanked her, and if ever i get a chance i will definitely help another person in help. I was touched! <3 Thank you again mam 🙂 .




The other weekend day was utilized to go Kutna Hora. It is a place famous for its bone church made of human bones. It was an interesting place to see. It is a small, non commercialized town. I was able to get a vegan lunch at one of the restaurants near the tourist spot itself.


Zámecká 131, Sedlec, 284 03 Kutná Hora, Czechia (website)

The staff were quiet friendly here. I told them i was vegan and they made this amazing and sexy dish for me. I’m not sure if this was even on the menu. It was ‘grilled eggplants with some cherry tomatoes, pesto, barbecue sauce and olive oil drizzled on top with a side of toasted bread slices‘ along with this i had an ice lemon tea, to kill the heat wave and get refreshed.


At the end of my trip i realized, i actually got nervous to go to a ‘vegan friendly land’! Ha ha 😀 Seriously you should travel Europe once in your life time, amazing place and awesome food and they have loads of beer! This also taught me there is abundant plant based vegan options available all over the world! Don’t be scared or nervous to travel. Don’t be discouraged if you are having a hard time trying to find vegan options or if people around are making it hard for you. All you need is a little bit of research and you’ll get through and find a way! Another tip is to always carry a snack and drink with you. If ever you do not find anything in worst case scenario, you’ll have a backup.

This ends my food journey post here, but there is more! If you haven’t checked out already, here is a haul of cruelty-free and vegan products from Prague, just for your reads 🙂 .

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