It’s been a while since my last book review. I missed reading books for a while and got busy with life. But nothing is as relaxing and refreshing as indulging in a good book with beautiful message. I bring you one such book this week!

Another piece of art from Osho on ‘Courage’. Osho (most commonly know name of his) was a modern day spiritual guru from India. His messages kind of hit you on your heart and mind. He makes you think, question and make sense of the world. He gives you the spiritual enlightenment guide, the easy way that is best suited for every modern day human. His books would probably still be applicable after 1000 years. If you had never read his works, i highly recommend! There is a book for everyone in his collection.


Being an introvert, i find myself in situations where i’m not comfortable at or do things that dare’s my nature. And this book helped me a great deal personally. Whatsoever the reason might is, be it a travel or small project, a problem at home or just the human brain’s overthinking they always end at the emotion of ‘fear’ . This book debunks it all. It is filled with wisdom and insightful thoughts. Osho shares small stories that are simple yet eye opening. It is as if he is sitting in-front of us and talking it through. He mocks and demystify’s the man made society and rules. He points at the root causes of fear and how to face them. He talks about courage and best way to live by them. He touches the topics on fear created by new opportunities, relationships, death and finally ends at spirituality. He also shared some simple methods of meditation techniques at the end of the book, that you could try effortlessly on your own.



Definitely give this a go!  This can be a book that you can go back to, when having an alarmed thought or confused mind, this could calm you down.

Also check out Osho’s Book of Women review here! Let me know in comments down below, how you enjoyed this book, what was your favorite part? or what are your favorite books from Osho? I would love to hear from you guys 🙂

Have a fun filled and positive week!

…………………………….Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥