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To add some spice to your day today, i have a beauty haul from Prague, Czech republic (EU). I recently traveled to EU for a business trip. This was my first time traveling to this side of the globe 🙂 , i was amazed by the amount of Vegan options available there. If you are a vegan, this should definitely be one of your travel destinations to go for.



Manufaktura is a local Czech republic brand and the first ever Czech brand to get international cruelty-free certificate. Their brand produces Home Spa inspired products. They have so many ranges like Wine, Beer, Lavender, Daisy, Cucumber, Rose, Grapefruit Orange, Mint, Apricot, Dead Sea and a lot more to choose from. When i walked into their store, i was literally overwhelmed with the amount of choices. I felt like picking up one of everything. Their online store also has the vegan products labelled clearly, which is awesome. You can check them out here. I believe they ship international as well, incase you are interested.


I Picked two of their body lotions from the Wine and Lavender range, both are vegan. The wine lotion has a mild and non – overpowering wine scent. This is my first time to see skincare products based on wine and beer. I have seen beer shampoos and heard wine is good for your skin, having it on skincare products makes it quite unique. The wine lotion is bit on the thicker side and applies very smooth on the skin. The lavender lotion is designed for Anti-stress effect. It smells exactly like fresh lavender. It is bit on thinner runny side compared to the wine lotion. Very quick absorbing on the skin. Both lotions are very hydrating.

I also purchased a herbal toothpaste from their dental care range. I’m yet to try this. This toothpaste has salt in it, which is good for whitening purpose. It smells minty and refreshing.  Can’t wait to try it.


From the lavender range another couple of products i got were the light weight hydrating cream and soothing acne gel. Both of them are vegan as well. The cream has mattifying effect, which is good for oily – combo skin and might even make a good base for makeup. It comes with a pump packaging, very convenient to use. As the name suggests, it is lightweight and hydrating. I don’t get a lot of acne, but when i do they definitely stand out. The acne gel comes in a roller ball packaging, very easy and effortless to apply. When you hear the word gel you think of ‘thick and sticky’ but this one is very light and goes invisible instantly on the skin, after application. But it does have a strong lavender scent.

Next is a hand cream from their Beer range. This is also a vegan product. During application it has a pleasant floral scent and after a while when i smell my hand there is a faint beer smell to it. Again this is very light, non greasy (unlike most hand creams) and melts into the skin. Love it, great for travel and can fit easily in your makeup pouch.

I picked three lip balms ( i know, couldn’t help myself 🙂 ) from beer, wine and face care ranges. They are all very softening, hydrating & good sized products. The applicator is very precise, that helps to get into the nooks and crannies of the lips.

I’m in love with this brand , it is definitely worthwhile to check it out and try some of their products. I hope they expand and open stores internationally or be part of vegan beauty subscription boxes. So we can have greater access to their amazing spa products.


Of course i had to go to the Sephora there. While i was perusing through their store, it was about closing time for them. So i was only able to pick couple of products from them. The prices weren’t cheaper or less expensive than Singapore store. They were almost the same price. So i didn’t want to be wasteful by buying the same available brands as here, instead I purchase the brands that are not readily available in Singapore.




From Huda beauty i got their matte liquid lipsticks in the shade ‘Trendsetter‘ and ‘Girlfriend‘. I instantly fell in love with the colors when i swatched the testers on my hand. Nude lipsticks are my love, hence these were right up my ally. When i tried on the lips for the first time i was so surprised to see how light and non-sticky or greasy they were. When you apply matte liquid lipsticks in general, during their intermediate time taken to dry, they kind of give this sticky feeling. But i did not find that problem with Huda beauty lipsticks at all. The color is pigmented but same time looks very natural on my skin tone. I wish i had bought few more shades from them. Love it to bits.


Last item i got is an eye cream from YTTP brand (Youth to the people). I believe they are an all-vegan brand and they create skincare with superfoods mainly Kale. This eye cream is amazingly soft and smooth. It comes in a glass jar. Their packaging font, brown cardboard box everything about them is adorable. It gives a minimalist but chic vibe. This cream is made of kale and aloe. Good for all types of skin, helps to regain elasticity , reduce dryness and wrinkles. I’m very excited to try this one, hopefully this brand gets included in Singapore store one day.

This brings me to the end of my shopping haul, my vegan food adventure during the trip would be in the blog soon, stay tuned.

There are so many cruelty-free brands out there to choose from. You just need to put the initial research and effort to find and invest in them. This small lifestyle change would make huge differences for the animals. If you haven’t already please do consider. I hope you enjoyed the read and got to know some new brands today. Love you all so much ♥♥♥

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ❤