I discovered this brand while i was exploring the shops in Katong mall, Singapore a year ago. Aniaskincare is based in Singapore. This company was inspired by African beauty wisdom, they started creating skincare based on African beauty ingredients. They aim to produce cruelty-free products with simple but essential ingredients that are chemical free. When i tried them, i was absolutely compelled to review these and give them some exposure, as they are worth-full amazing products. Best of all they are completely cruelty-free <3 🙂 .

Where to get:

They have stores around Singapore, you can have a look here or shop on their site online. If you are not from Singapore, you could buy their products at Naiise site (they carry most of ANIA’s products and ship international).


Product Description:

They carry quite few range of skincare products like facial oils, serums, mask, moisturizer etc. I had picked couple of their products and just going to review these two. The first one is the ‘Moroccan rose water mist‘. The name and packaging has been slightly changed recently. It comes in a glass bottle with simple yet classy packaging. You could even reuse these bottles. The sprayer nozzle is well made for a concentrated and easy spray. The second item is ‘Prickly pear seed oil‘. It is a facial oil, also comes in a bottle packaging. It has a dropper to pick the product. The opening and closing of this was quite troublesome, as you need to put pressure to open.


The rose water smell’s exactly like fresh roses, unlike some products that carries artificial scent. Whenever i spray this on my face i feel as if i’m standing under a waterfall made of roses. It is truly extraordinary. I have used quite few rose water based toner’s and spray’s but this one is exceptional, nothing like any of them. Probably it’s refreshing nature and pure ingredients make all the difference. This can be used as facial spray, toner (with a cotton pad), for dryness and even as makeup setting spray. I haven’t used it with my makeup and can’t speak for it’s performance as a setting spray. Buy I do use it in my skincare routine, when i step out of shower i spritz this all over my face and let it absorb in for a minute through a slight massage. I also use it after a face wash in the morning before starting with my serum and moisturizer. It instantly makes my skin and mood youthful.


The prickly pear seed oil was quite on the expensive side. I was debating if i have to buy this or not. Finally i caved in, and I have to say, no regrets there 🙂 . At first i did not know the benefits of this oil, when i researched, I came to know that it is well know for its anti-aging properties. This facial elixir is weightless, non-greasy and quick absorbing. A little goes a long way for sure. I use them at night and let it soak in through my sleep. Sometimes I also use it during day time instead of my regular day cream. Honestly i don’t use this on regular basis, but whenever i use this my skin feels so much smoother and supple. This is suitable for all skin types, i personally have combination skin and this product does not make it any worse, instead helps a great deed. It is good to start using anti-aging products from your late 20’s to start giving the elasticity and nourishment your skin needs. Using such natural and pure plant based products would be the best way to go. Use the dropper to directly apply on face or drop on your palms, warm it up and massage onto your skin in upwards direction for a younger looking skin.



  • Amazing and effective products.
  • Very nourishing on the skin.
  • Pure and simple ingredients.
  • Cruelty-free.


  • Expensive, definitely a luxury skincare.
  • Packaging.
  • Not so travel friendly.
  • Not easily available for international shoppers.

My Review:

I would’t say you absolutely need this in your life. Probably there are more comparable brands within affordable range. But this is one of those luxury worth-full skincare that you could splurge on once a while. It is a good buy as a gift or for yourself when you need a good treat. If ever you visit Singapore, definitely consider getting one.

I hope this was informational and you enjoyed the read! Have a great weekend and remember to pamper yourself with awesome cruelty-free products 😉 because you deserve it. Love you all.

………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥