With so many brands out there and a new product getting released every season, it can get very confusing when it comes to makeup products. I mean, do we follow the latest trend and buy the expensive hype stuff? Or go with our gut feeling and invest on the items that would actually work for us? I have had my fair share of confusions in the beauty world. That is the reason, i take my time and review the products that i feel would work for most people, only then share at my blog. One such product is the BH cosmetics blushed neutrals palette.


Where to get: 

You could buy this directly from the BH cosmetics website, they ship world wide (Shophere). They have offers going on almost all the time, i would suggest to purchase it during their offer periods.


Product Description:

The packaging is simple and straight forward like most BH palettes. It is of matte black color and product details written in the front. This palette includes 21 eyeshadows and 5 blushes (i would consider the first blush as highlighter). As the name suggests the color ranges are neutrals with the bright pink color on top row being an exception. Both the shadow and blush pans are pretty big, they would last for a long time. You get satin, shimmer and matte finish, all 3 in a single palette. The browns, corals, maroon and copper shades add valuable color varieties. There are some cool toned shades included as well. This should definitely work for fair – medium – deep skin tones.










I tried my best to include the perfect swatches. In spite, some of the colors just melted into my skin tone, please excuse that. It is obvious at this point that this is a multi-use product. You can use it for highlight, shadow and blush. My favorite eye look has to be coral shades, i love the way coral colors look on me. My most used colors would probably be from 2nd and 3rd rows. I use this for my day makeup , they give me some of the easy and effortless eye looks. You could easily pull out some night-time/party looks from this. I have also tried using the darkest blush on my eyelid and i was amazed how it came out. There are definitely different ways to use it, according to your likes.



  • Insanely pigmented, little goes a loooong way
  • Versatile and would suit majority of the skin color range
  • Good variety of color options
  • Affordable and worth the price
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • Not so travel friendly
  • No mirror

My Review:

You need this” is my review 🙂 lol. This would be best for beginners, if you want to play with safe yet beautiful color range. It would make a perfect gift. Fabulous palette especially if neutral/nude is your beau. I hope my review helped you to make a decision.

Kindly choose cruelty-free beauty brands to save our furry animal friends from horrible test practices. This small choice would save a life and change the process of big brands.

………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥