Hi Hi! Good day to you wherever you are in the world 🙂 and welcome to my blog. Luckily i got my petitvour beauty box sooner this month! This month’s products are wonderful so i didn’t want to delay anymore. Here we go.


For all newbies, Petitvour is a beauty box monthly subscription service. They are vegan and cruelty-free. It is a nice way to try out new samples or brands and decide to invest on products you like. If you are interested do check the out (here). Before i jump in this month’s box was special as Petitvour are celebrating their 5th year anniversary! I was actually surprised to hear this, as i thought they had been out there far more than 5 years. CONGRATULATIONS Petitvour on doing such a great job 🙂 . This shows the increase in more people adopting a cruelty-free life. Yay!

JUICE BEAUTY – Cream Blush:


This is my first go at this brand. I have heard and seen really good reviews about Juice beauty. I received their cream blush in the color “08 Orange Blossom“. They are made of natural plant based pigments such as rose and purple carrot. It is very hydrating and creamy! The packaging looks cute and at a handy size for travel or to fit in your purse. My blush pan was broken and the blush was sticking to the mirror. That was sad , then i had to clean the mirror, put some glue and stick the pan back to the container. Demerits of shopping from other side of the world. If i had to choose a color this would have been my choice! I love coral and warm toned blushes. This blush is a really beautiful color and when applied, it gives a natural flush and glow to the skin. Also this is a full size product.

SUNTEGRITY – Cleansing Oil:


I have know about suntegrity brand. They create sun screen based products. However never tried them before. This is a sample size of their organic cleansing oil. It claims to remove dirt, makeup and even sunscreen without damaging the skin. It kind of has a citrusy scent to it and feels very light non greasy on the skin. I would probably save this for my travel as it is just the perfect size. Its ingredients include organic olive, jojoba, sunflower and camellia oils. They can also be used on delicate under eye area.

NIU BODY – Lip Polish:


This was my second favorite full sized product in this box after the blush. I have a thing for clear glass packaging, they just look so elegant and fresh. The scent of the scrub reminds me of a cocktail. It is as clear and white as the pina colada itself. The sugar scrub also has shea butter and oils in it for hydration. This is also a full sized product and it would last really long for me.



The last product is a sample sized face cream for a single use. I have used andalou naturals products and they are really a good brand. They have great variety of skin, body and hair care products. If you are in Singapore, you could easily get them from the drugstores, cold storage and red mart. This face cream is made of goji peptides helps to uplift, tone, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. These kind of sample products are also the best to carry on during travels.

That would be all for this month’s box. Hope you enjoyed the read.

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ♥♥♥