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I’m sure you must have heard about “Tea tree oil” a million times if not at-least seen it as an ingredient on a beauty / skincare product. Tea tree oil is one of those traditional product used for multiple purposes. If you google about it, you might get a long list of benefits for using this oil. In this post i’m going to highlight 3 main benefits that I have personally tried and tested and worked wonders for me.

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the plant “Melaleuca Alternifolia”, that is mainly found in Australia. The brand of tea tree products i use are from “Thursday Plantation“, an Australian brand that is cruelty-free and vegan (except their lip-balm). It is easily available at the Singapore drugstores ‘Guardian’ and ‘Watson’. They have a whole range of products, do check them out! 



This is first and foremost benefit i want to highlight. Tea tree is know to treat fungal and bacterial infections. This makes it one of the best treatment for candida (yeast infection) and bacterial vaginosis. You can use the tea tree oil or cream. However i would recommend on the cream, it is more milder on the skin. Regular external use, cures the problem altogether. Especially this is a recurring problem for many women, this would get you the relief you deserve.


Tea tree oil is an active ingredient in many of the face masks and skincare products. One of the best use is for “Acne” and clearing “Blemishes”. I do-not get a lot of acne other than ‘that-time of the month’. However the blemish it leaves back almost always never goes. Tea tree has answered all my prayers. You can use the tea tree oil itself directly on affected area before sleep. If the oil/cream is too strong for you , best alternative is “Body shop’s Tea tree targeted gel“. It has a mild cooling effect when you apply. You can use it multiple time a day, under makeup or along with your skincare routine or before sleep. It made a big noticeable difference.


Not just for our body but tea tree can be used for home needs. I use few drops of tea tree essential oil in my humidifier. You can use it alone or mix with couple of different oils. Let it on the entire night. It acts as an air purifier and helps in good sleep too! It makes a valuable aromatherapy practice. My husband has a very sensitive nasal-cavity, use of tea tree has significantly reduced his allergic reactions.

An excellent plant based treatment that could benefit you eradicate some of your everyday problems without medications. Tea tree can be used for athlete’s foot, cold sores, dandruff, psoriasis, dry cuticles, as natural deodorant , to remove foot odor and more. Do you already use tea tree oil? What are some of your uses let me know in the comment below 🙂 . I hope this gave few insights to some of you looking for some treatments.

Having said all this, tea tree might be toxic to pets in large quantities. Some of you might be allergic, always test before you use. Or consult a doctor before use.

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