Hola! New year with starts new vegan beauty 🙂


I have a new subscription service to share this year from “Petit Vour”. Petit Vour is also a vegan beauty box subscription service. You get 4 vegan, toxic-free and luxury curated products every month.  With the first time subscription a free gift is also given out. The best part of their service is that you get to fill in a few questions of your beauty profile where you put in your skin/hair problems and what kind of products you would like to sample on etc,. It is a really good buy to try out this year.In no particular order lets see what we got this month.



Based on my beauty profile i got the hydro serum face mask. It is sometimes hard to find all vegan sheet masks. This is really handy to get in the first month box. It is made from aloe vera, coconut water, jojoba oil, hibiscus, white tea and more. It helps to hydrate, replenish, soothe, purify pores and calm inflammation. That is a lot of stuff for one mask, sounds amazing though.

WE LOVE EYES – Eye cleanser:


A new brand and one of a kind product. It is specifically made to cleanse eyelid and lashes. It is more of like an eye makeup remover. It is made from tea tree oil and smells exactly like it too. It also claims to be good for sensitive, itchy or any kind of eyes. Tea tree has done some amazing things for me and my skin so i’m sure this is a great product.

K VOSS – Lip plumper


It smells exactly like cinnamon and also tastes sweet. I had used the too face lip injections before. I just gave this one a try right away and i was not ready for it. The sting was like needle piercing and burnt like hell. The effect was there for a minute long. And a very little goes long way. The plus points are the super plump pout ofcourse and it is very moisturizing like a lip balm. Love it except for the sting!



I have know this brand for some time now but for whatever reason never got to try them. It was a nice to get this sample of hydrating facial oil. It smells divine, perfectly sized for travel. It’s made from mix of peach, borage, geranium, rose, sandal wood and frakincence oil. The oil absorption is very quick and light weight on skin. It is suitable for all skin types and best used on mature skin for boosting vitality.

PLANT – Body wash:


The subscription gift of January was a body wash, this changes with every month. Seems all the products of this brand are made for adults with mental and physical disabilities! This body wash supposedly made to lift your spirits and make you feel great thought the day! Wow i never really know there was such a brand that creates so thoughtful products to help people. That is wonderful.

That was all from my Petit Vour box this mont and i’m already loving it. If you are interested do check the out (here).

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3