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Since we ended 2017 with a haul, we are starting 2018 with another haul 🙂 . Ever since i went vegan i have heard and seen so much of LUSH cosmetics. A brand that produces 100% vegetarian and some vegan handmade cosmetics. They are cruelty-free, they make their products with fresh, organic, natural ingredients. Lush is mainly famous for their bath bombs. They also make unique season themed products for Halloween and Christmas. Their range of products include skin care, hair care, shower & bath and even makeup, all handmade. They use recycled plastic and paper bags for packaging. The staff member told me not to throw away the tubs , if you gather 5 tubs, clean and return them to the shop they give you a free face pack. How awesome is that! The best thing about lush is their openness against animal testing. I mean look at their beautiful yet powerful message on their bag. When i was carrying my lush bag of goodies all the way through public transport, it was as if i’m doing an advertisement. It made me feel good about it. I noticed few eyes reading the message. Imagine what it can do to people who had no clue, it makes everyone think or at-least get to know there is such a cruel practice of animal testing.


Enough said about my lush adventures. So this is such a great brand and only after 2 years of being vegan i got to purchase their good stuff. Its high time already isn’t 🙂 . If you are interested, you can shop online (here) or pick them from their stores that they have all around Singapore. Lush has different website URL’s for different countries, some of them like Australia and UK site includes international shipping option, incase you do not find a site url for your country.



“Soothing & calming , Softening & conditioning” 

First item i picked up was a shower cream. This was a suggestion from the staff member at lush, she told this is very subtle and light scented, good for skin. It was one of their new additions. I took a whiff of the smell as the name says it smells exactly like oats and yoghurt. It is very creamy, a little shake is required before use as it separates a bit. It is made of oat milk, coco butter, olive oil, rose, lavender, chamomile and tea tree oil. The packaging gives good information on what is it best for, seems oats have been used form Roman era for skin care beauty. Also chamomile blue, lavender and rose has ability to lift your mood, restore balance and aid restful sleep.


“Antiseptic & relaxing, Cleansing & rehydrating, Toning & balancing”

This is a shower smoothie that you use on your wet skin under the shower. It will give a moisturized cleansing effect. It looks like a candy and smells even more yummier. It is one of their seasonal product and is leaving soon. It is made of coco butter, soya milk, almond oil, honeydew pulp, cedar and cypress wood. Honestly i cant even stop smelling this one, so excited to try this!


“Hydration for skin & hair, Cooling and invigorating, Soothing & calming”

I picked up couple of their hot oil hair masks. They come attached to a wooden stick, you heat up some water and stir the hair mask cube in the hot water, until it becomes a thick warm paste. Apply to hair & scalp, keep for 20mins and cleanse with shampoo afterwards. What is really striking about this product is that it is a pre-wash hair treatment. Most of the hair masks are meant to be used after shampooing. This makes it much more convenient to use. Out of my entire haul this is the only product that isn’t vegan. It is made of jojoba, almond, coconut, peppermint and rosemary oil. It has anti-bacterial properties and helps to sooth irritated scalp skin, provides shine and strength to hair.

DAMAGED (link)

“Moisturizing & protecting, Rich & conditioning”

The second hot oil treatment i selected was this one. It is specially formulated for damaged hair due to color, bleaching or heat styling. It is made of olive oil, avocado oil, guar gum and vanilla extract. It smells as much amazing as it sounds. If you have shorter hair you could easily share it among two or use half and save the rest half for later use.


“Coats hair & gives shine, Moisturizing, protecting & conditioning, Enriching & long lasting moisture”

I have the frizziest hair know to mankind. 🙂 So when i saw this how can i not try it? I have used henna a lot in my life , it has done amazing things for my hair. Also i grew up in a city that is famous for growing jasmine flowers. Not all would like the scent of jasmine, but for me it is the scent of home. So when i see both in one package i had to get it. It is also a pre wash hair treatment, you apply and leave it for 20 mins and shampoo later. It claims to help in taming and hydrating the fluffy, frizzy and curly hair. Best suited for dark and red hair colors. It’s main ingredients include red henna, olive oil, ylang ylang, jasmine, almond, jojoba, castor and wheatgerm oil. I’m loving this baby already 🙂

SLEEPY (link)

“Balancing & calming, Sweet, heady & floral, Sweetly scented”

If fairy dust ever became a cream, this is how it would smell 🙂 A body lotion made especially for bed time application. Since i’m an evening bather, this would be perfect for me. It is made of oatmeal, lavender, almond, jojoba, ylang ylang oils and coco butter. The lotion has a mild lavender color and a mildly thick to mildly runny consistency.  I kept the lotion open for 2mins and my whole home office smells like lavender now 🙂 . Cant wait to dive in this dreamy creamy.

YES YES YES (link)

“Floral & seductive, Softening & conditioning, Balancing & restorative, Sweet, heady & floral”

The sexiest massage bar on the planet Earth 🙂 . Massage bars are similar to soap bars, only that they melt on skin contact and body temperature. You sweep the bar on your skin, as they melt and sediment to your skin, massage the goodies deep in. Very interesting product! I haven’t seen any of such kind. This would make a perfect at home body spa devour. This is also a seasonal product that is leaving soon, i suggest pick this up and give it a try while you can! Yet another jasmine scented item from lush. This was a recommendation form their staff member at store, when i took a whiff at it,  i was sold. It is made of coco butter, shea butter, almond, ylang ylang oil and jasmine. It smells as seductive as it can be.


“Refreshing & rejuvenating, Soothing & calming, Moisturizing & nourishing, Smoothing”

Either i have the driest hands in the world or that is just my phobia. I cant tell the difference actually, its a pet peeve for me having dry hands meaning i cant do anything. It has to be hydrated, for me to be functional. I have a hand cream near my bed, in my work bag , at my vanity and in the bathroom. You can imagine my need. Every time i wash my hands i apply my hand cream. In short i need them to survive 🙂 . But i’m always not happy with all hand creams, some of them are hydrating for the moment and later disappear on me, leaving my hands feeling dry again. So i was really happy to get one from lush. This precious cream is made of peanut, almond, cashew, shea butter, pumpkin seed, rose water, chamomile blue and fresh organic lemon juice. It smells mainly rosy and citrusy. The product comes in a tub so it may not be the best for travel, but you could always depot some of it. I tested the hand cream about 30 mins before and the scent still lingers on. Happy to have invested on this.

VOLCANO (link) 

“Stimulating & brightening,Exfoliating & polishing,Refreshing & cooling, Cleansing & uplifting”

For the longest time in my life, i have always used my face masks on my foot. I have always wished for a foot mask that i can use and to my surprise i found one at lush. You apply the mask on your foot, cover it with a plastic and wash it after 20 minutes. This is a cooling and deodorizing mask that helps to brighten the skin. It is made of fresh papaya, potato, tomatoes, pumice and lemon oil. It’s scent is also lemony and fresh. You could even do your own at home foot spa. It looks as it is named, like volcano.


“Volumizing & mineral-rich, Prevents from microbes, refreshing & comforting, Conditioning & softening,Calming, soothing & balancing”

One more addition for our at home foot spa guide. I used to make my custom foot soaks back in the day with body wash, hair conditioner, essential oils and lemon juice, all mixed up and stirred in warm water. They helped to remove sun tan and hydrate my hard skinned soles. But the ready made foot soak from lush is much more better version and convenient for use. It is bit crumbly, so i suggest to keep inside the paper bag that it comes in. It can be easily broken used up to 2-4 times, depending on your usage. It’s a good sized product. The scent is similar to the foot mask. The main ingredients include epsom salt, french lavender, chamomile blue, jasmine, tagetes oil, Irish moss powder and carrageenan extract. This foot soaks helps to reduce swelling, soften and soothe the skin.


“Skin-conditioning & protecting, Gently calming for delicate skin, Soothing & toning”

Last item from my haul is a serum bar. Very similar to the massage bar methodology of use. You glide the serum bar on to your face and it melts to get absorbed. It would be a good idea to store the massage and serum bar at a cooler place so it doesn’t melt up. The serum bar is one of their famous product, i have seen good reviews on it. Having combination skin, i try different serums every once a while. I hope this would be good to me. It’s made of  calamine powder, cupuacu butter, rose petals, fresh portobello mushrooms, organic almond, chamomile blue, rose and tagetes oils. It claims to hydrate without heaviness and helps to control greasiness.


I’m surprised it took me so much time to try lush products. I’m extremely happy with my lush goodies. The best part of them all has to be the scent, they are all unique, pleasant and seductive. I would highly recommend their products, no matter where you are in the world! Choose a cruelty-free brand for a compassionate lifestyle today!

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3