“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.”  — Roy E. Disney

Hi there 🙂 . I wanted to jump start with a meaningful quote this time, who knows? probably i will add them in all my future posts. Also i wanted to wish you and your family the happiest Christmas and new year to come. You guys deserve it after a hard year of working. Take the time off to enjoy with your family and friends.

Last couple of weeks i was fully occupied in moving. We are finally at our new place, all set up and ready for action 🙂 . What better way to end the year? than a shopping haul. Here is my haul from my Bali vacation trip that i went on September this year.

When i visited Bali, i had some of the amazing experiences and vegan food of my life. I wrote all about them you can check them out here if not already 🙂

Bali travel diaries – Food

Bali travel diaries – Journey

While having a late lunch at Earthcafe restaurant (Link) , i did a small shopping in their market. The shopping market is attached with the cafe itself. They had variety of food supplies, tea, skincare products etc, I picked up up few of the skincare products. I will also try to link the original websites that are available for any of these products, so you guys can go and check it out.



I picked up couple of their powder face masks. I wasn’t sure if their products were cruelty-free, since i did not see it stated in their website or in their packaging. But if they are sold at Earthcafe chances are its cruelty-free company. To clarify my doubts, i personally wrote to the company and got their confirmation that they do not test on animals. Also, these masks are also vegan too.

Mojito cooling face mask is a peeling mask formulated for combination/oily skin. It would help to control skin sebum. It contains peppermint that gives the minty color to the mask.

Rose romancing face mask is also peel off mask. Formulated for all skin types. It has multiple benefits such as moisturizing, lightening, and smoothing the skin. Also claims to treat acne and reduce spots & redness.

GREEN FACTORY Natural Cosmetics:

All their products are cruelty-free and vegan. I picked up couple of their products and tried them all already.

Body butter – Spiced Vanilla This is my current body moisturizer that i’m using. It is really rich, smooth and creamy. It’s made of Shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, chocolate and vanilla oil. A little goes a loooong!! way. Feels very natural on the skin and very hydrating. Definitely one of my favorites in this list. It would be very good for dry skin or as winter care.

Pure Vitamin C complex A serum come moisturizer made of shea butter, aloe vera and Vitamin E. Smells citrusy, quick absorbing and hydrating on the skin. The antioxidants act as anti aging properties and help to reduce visible lines and smooth the skin.

BALI’s Local market goodies:

These next 3 items are manufactured in Bali itself. I did not find an online store for these. Definitely pick up some of their local goodies to support their businesses.

Nacha Naturals Bali –  Hair tonic: It is a conditioning hair spray made for your scalp. While roaming all over Bali under the hot sun and humid climate, my scalp got really itchy and dry. I sprayed it on my scalp after a hair wash. I was surprised to see immediate results. Since i have no option of repurchasing it, i’m saving and using sparingly 🙂 .

Merta Nadi – Bamboo Charcoal bar soap: A charcoal bath soap that is made from bamboo vinegar, coconut oil and coconut milk! That’s the first time i see a bamboo – charcoal – coconut combo! They are supposedly very good in exfoliating and removing all dirt and help to moisturize the skin.

Lotus Essential Oil: This one i had picked up from the Batik store when i visited Ubud. I love lotus scent. I hardly have ever see lotus oil’s. So when i saw this i had to have it 🙂 . It can be used as bath oil (before or after), massage oil, for aromatherapy (oil burner, humidifier). It smells amazing and would make a great spa product.

That is all i have for my Bali beauty haul. Hope you enjoyed it. Any corner of this world you travel to, there is always the option to choose ethical skincare. Please help to save our furry friends, choose vegan 🙂

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3