Couple of months back i had this amazing vacation at Bali, Indonesia for a week’s time. It was the best one i had experienced so far. It was relaxing, beautiful, energetic and inspiring all at once. Although there is so much to share and talk about, i’m afraid i wont be able to cover them all here. But definitely i’m going to show the main highlights of my trip. Everyone has their busy lives scheduled and planned for. Sometimes you need a retreat to re-energize your soul. Without much thinking, wherever or whenever it is, take that break that you deserve. I hope my experience motivates and inspires you to enjoy your life 🙂


To start with, Bali is huge. A week’s time was enough only to cover a handful of places. When i visited, i had learnt people travel to Bali and stay for 2-3 weeks on the least. After a short flight journey we reached our destination. Our cab from the hotel was waiting for us. We jumped in the car and started our journey. On the way to our hotel, we were able to noticed the outstanding architecture and sculptures all over Bali. The beautiful view of the ocean, clean roads and friendly people , it was refreshing.

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We stayed at a beach resort with an ocean facing view. When we reached our hotel only to learn our room was not ready yet. So we put our luggage away at the lounge and went to excavate the resort. It was big, with loads of people having a great time by the pool, at the beach, in the restaurants. We were starving, so we decided to have some lunch and by the time we were done, our room was ready. We were welcomed with some exotic tropical fruits and a breathtaking view in our room. For the first couple of days we were more into relaxing and chilling by the beach. For the next following days, we rented out a scooter to explore the island.



KUTA Art Market and Seminyak:

After a good sleep and a filling buffet breakfast, our first stop on day one was Kuta art market. We drove ourselves there and after reaching we saw loads of shops selling interesting goodies all the way to the beach. We roamed and visited most of these shops picked up a beautiful dream catcher (please be careful not to pick the ones made of bird feathers as they are products of cruelty), accessories, a bag, t-shirts and some apparels, incense sticks, aroma oils, coffee and tea. By the time we reached the beach it was really hot and we were hungry form all that shopping. So we decided to hit a vegan restaurant to have some yummy vegan food at Seminyak streets. We visited the restaurant ‘Earth cafe’ which also had a store selling some awesome stuff. I purchased some cruelty-free skincare products here. (My Bali haul will be up in a separate blog post, watch out for it). Seminyak was very developed part of Bali, ofcourse i had to stop by Starbucks there, and we met some really cool and friendly baristas at Starbucks. The bike ride through these streets were a sight to sore eyes.



Uluwatu Temple and Kecak (Fire) Dance:

Our day two was to visit one the famous temples of Bali the ‘Uluwatu temple’. It was almost 1.5 hour drive to this place but it was worth the ride. Located on a cliff overlooking the ocean , it was a stunning view. The place was filled with some cute and mischievous monkeys, targeting the humans passing by. Keep your stuff close to safeguard from their grasp 🙂 . The temple was pretty crowded, but we reached on time for the Kecak (fire) dance. The dance portrays gist of story from the Hindu epic Ramayana. It was one of a kind of experience to feel and be part of. Needless to say the dancers were talented, funny and entertaining at the same time passing the significance of a spiritual story. Leaflets of the story being enacted was handed out to everyone. In addition to the dance, you get to see the sunset as a plus. Once the dance was over we headed back to our hotel and ofcourse on the way we stopped by for some yummy vegan Indian cuisine.


Tanah lot Temple and the Sunset:

Half of our day three was spent on spa and body massages. If you are at Bali it is a must you try one of these. During our session, the masseuse gave me a compliment that my skin that it was so soft and clean. She asked me if i was a vegetarian, i told her that i’m a vegan and she told me it shows on my skin. 🙂 What to say, benefits of being a vegan. After the relaxing spa we started our journey to one of the most recognized temples of Bali, the ‘Tanah lot’ temple. Here i saw the vision of my life, the most beautiful sunset ever. It was almost like, i could touch the sun, we were so close yet so far. Surrounded by the water of the ocean and the clouds painted with orange of the setting sun. I could stay here and see this all day the rest of my life and never ever get bored of it. If you are visiting Bali, i would highly recommend to visit this treasured place. The temple has been closed for renovation and only locals are allowed to go in. The Tanah lot temple also has a big art market attached to it, you could easily include your shopping spree here while your visit.


Adventure and Water Sports:

Speciality of Bali is that it has something for everyone. If you love adventure , you got some great options here. Trekking, surfing and numerous water sports are some of them to try out. I’m a scaredy cat, but with a persistence from my bae i got the braveness to try the paragliding on our day four. We travelled in a speed boat to the middle of the ocean, they got us hooked to a parachute and we were let to fly over the ocean for a solid 6-8mins. I had to say, i was so happy and proud of myself for trying it. The feel of flying and that to over the glistening blue water had me speechless.


Ubud packaged tour:

Renting bike is not the only option to roam around Bali, another way to experience is through packaged tours. You have the liberty to choose from half to full day tours with different options of adventure / sightseeing selections. I read a lot about Ubud before going to Bali and this got me very much interested. We chose the half day Ubud tour for our day five. A friendly balinese came as our tour guide. He took us to all these amazing places. We started our trip with ‘Barong dance’ which showcases series of stories of the constant battle between good and evil and portrays how life is a balance of both. Then we went by and visited one of the kind paintings, silver smiths, batik (cloth painting), coffee plantations, the Bali swing, Tegalalang rice fields, Goa gajah temple and Ubud monkey forest. Along the visit we shopped some of the local art works, silver jewelry, hand made bamboo sling bag, massage oils (coconut and lotus oil) and more coffee ofcourse. By the time we ticked through our visit list, the day was already over. We headed back for some shut eye. Our expedition came to an end here.



The overall adventure was an awareness to self. At the end of the week, we were left with mindfulness and realization. That there is more to life than what seems to be. Be inspired and be happy. Do good and be good and only good will follow you 🙂

Last but not least, through the entire journey, i had treated myself to some amazing vegan food <3 . If not already read, please do check it out (here).


……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3