Hi there my beautiful readers 🙂 How y’all doing today. No matter what happens in life, always remember you are unique and beautiful and chin up be happy don’t forget to smile. 🙂

For my newbie readers 🙂 ,  the vegancuts is a monthly subscription box that delivers to your doorstep with vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. It’s a good way to learn new brands and try new products out available. They ship international, if you are interested do check them out.


The vegan cuts boxes are curated with a theme every month. This month we have “Beautiful Savings – Revitalize your look”. Looking at all the products this month, i would definitely say they are so nourishing to get that fresh and hydrated skin. Especially for anyone with sensitive skin, this would be amazing. Let’s unbox the October box together shall we.

THE INNATE LIFE – Hair Elixir:


The moment i opened the box, first thing i could smell was this “Rose elixir”. Im not a big fan of roses, but this one is very pleasant and sensual i would say. It comes in a transparent bottle with a pump. It says here it is a mixture of over 15 organic oils. Claims to nourish dry hair, tame frizz and add shine, it can also be used as heat protectant or to add some shine and moisture after heat styling. Some of the main ingredient oils are hemp, rosehip, avocado, flax seed, pumpkin seed, grape seed, sunflower, argan, primrose sweet almond, black cumin and more! Frizz hair is many women’s problem, hopefully this helps to fix it. You only need a few drops so i expect it to last for 6 months or more.



This one came in a well packed double plastic wraps. But still it managed to leak bit of oily residue. I had to clean the container only then was able to open it. I take it is because of the humid climate here it melts the product. Probably it would stay more thicker on colder temperature. It is an ayurvedic and herbal blended skin cream mainly made of shea butter, coconut oil, sesame oil, ashwaganda, bala and sunflower wax. It looks like a multi-use calming/moisturizing balm. It is also unscented.



I love mascaras , never can have enough of them 🙂 So i was delighted to see this in the box. It is a waterproof mineral mascara. Cant say if it is a sample sized or travel size product. Claims to give thicker, longer and fuller lashes. The applicator wand is pretty small, so it is easy to coat smaller hairs like lower lash line and to reach the inner corner lashes. It is made from sesame, basil, water, plant wax, nettle, mica and charcoal. I had to try this out immediately. The color payoff isn’t much it isn’t as black as i would have liked but instead a grey-black shade. It definitely gives length, a little bit of volume not much with a slight curl. It gives a softer – non clumpier look for a no makeup – makeup look. Since the mascara is watery rather than creamy, you could never go wrong with this one.



Coconut oil is famously used for as an effective makeup remover. This coconut milk face wash should make a really good cleanser. It tends to sediment (oil separates) if left undisturbed, a good shake before use would be good. It claims to cleanse, moisturize and revitalize the skin without ripping off the essential nutrients. This product is also loaded with amino acids that is good for the skin. It doesn’t smell that much of a coco-nutty odor, instead a pleasant scent with mild coconut fragrance. Some of the main ingredients include coconut milk powder, coconut milk, coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil, citric acid and more. Looking forward to give this a try.

SIMPLY WICKED – Face mask:


Last but not least, is a matcha green tea face mask powder. Always love receiving new face masks. Face masks are the most essential discovery in the beauty invention i would say. They remove the dirt, freshens up the skin 🙂 okay enough of babbling. It is an antioxidant rich face mask, would be really good for anti aging properties. It is made of organic matcha powder and bentonite clay. It has a mild green tea scent to it. It is also handcrafted. I would like to mix in some rose water or papaya water and apply as mask.

That is pretty much what we have for this month. Hope you enjoyed reading them as much as i enjoyed sharing with you guys. And also this had helped you to get to know some new cruelty-free brands or find you some new favorites to try out. Let me know your favorites and thoughts below!

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3