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Today we have a vegan leather bag review from a Hong kong based company Mizzue (link here). I was on the lookout for a good bag for work. That is when i came across their Facebook page and visited their website to find some really good collection. Before i go into the details, this company also produces leather bags. If you don’t like to support the vegan products of a non-vegan company then this to take note of 🙂

They have a huge collection of PU/Vegan leather bags of all types like shoulder bags, backpacks, sling bags, wallets and more. With a good color variety, each bag is available in 2-4 different color options. I have seen an increase of their vegan bags in the recent times possibly due to more of its sales. All of their bag models are given a unique name for their design.


My bag was of “Lavona Latulas” model, a black vegan leather backpack. It is made of soft, buttery faux leather material. Really shiny and very soft smooth material. It costed around 90$ SGD, i don’t remember the exact amount as it is been some time now. It is pricey but in comparison to most vegan leather bags out there, this is really affordable! If you like this model you can get it here (i’m here). This bag was also available in maroon color, black being my favorite color i chose this one. Something i love about their website are these mini video clips of the bags , how much can fit in, the different compartments and how do they look when you carry them. Along with detailed photos of the bags from all angles. I haven’t seen any other website do this much for their product advertisement. The also carry QC fail products that you can get at discount if you are interested.


I have been using this bag for over 6 months now and so far i haven’t got a zip problem or any wear and tear , it is as good as new. There was no staining or noticeable dirt even! after all the use. The bag has one big main compartment with a secret zipper closure inside. The main compartment has adjustable side buttons that can be used to increase/reduce room depending on amount of items being carried. This where i pack my laptop, mouse, makeup pouch, wallet, notebook and pen. There are two side pockets with two zippers on each of them at both sides of the bag, i use them for keeping my spectacles, essentials like hand cream, tissue paper, some extra pens, earphone and my phone charger. Some times i pop some of my receipts here too. The main bag closes with a magnetic button and on the top front of the bag is another zipper pouch. I store my keys, id card, lip balm, some cash and my transport card. Anything that i reach often and use on everyday basis goes in here. This bag is like the perfect size to carry all my things plus it has some extra room in case i need to add anything in there. Another reason i got this bag was for its convertible straps, the backpack straps can be removed and attached to top of the bag and be carried as a shoulder bag! It gives a totally new look 🙂 So far i’m entirely happy with my purchase.


The one main frustration i have to point out here is the delivery of the bag. It took 2 months to get this delivered, after multiple emails with the customer service. I had received packages from the US under 2-3 weeks. So you can understand why the Mizzue delivery was a disappointment. When they run out of stock of any item, they fail to mention in their website and placing an order over it is still possible. Now you have to wait for the stock to be available and for it to be then shipped to you hence the wait for months! While my purchase, I had also selected a pouch from their QC list, which was not available even after 2 months of waiting and i had been informed by the customer support.  Initially they had told me to consider that amount to be used as a voucher that could be used at later point when i want to purchase in future again from their website. I had to tell them i need my refund and was not looking for a repurchase in the near future, later they agreed for a refund. I even saw few customers had complained they got their items after 3-4 months of waiting. You get the gist of it. This can be expected, hopefully they have made their service better now. Other than that i have no complain on their products or quality of it.

I got many questions and admiration for my bag. Many asked me if this was real leather. I told them it was faux leather and saw them get surprised. No innocent being had to be murdered for their skin in the making of this bag. Leather industry is one of the cruel thing out there. No bag, shoe or wallet is worthful of a killing a life. Fashion can and should be cruelty-free don’t you think? Something to ponder about 🙂 .


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