Hoi there! My beautiful reader 🙂

Recently i went on this weeklong vacation to Bali, Indonesia with my husband. This was the first trip we took after our wedding. We had the most relaxed and happiest time there in the longest for now. Bali is really a beautiful island i have seen so far. And the greatest of all is the food, two words to describe would be “Vegan Paradise” <3

Here are some of my major mouth watering food encounters. If you ever get the chance to travel there these are some of the options to try. There were so many vegan restaurants and cafes in Bali, i just happen to pop into one or two of them, there was only so much we could cover.

During our stay we stayed at Conrad bali , a beach resort. In this hotel there were 3 restaurants and a bar. Two of them had some vegan and vegetarian options.

SUKU Restaurant:

As we checked in and our room was getting ready, we wanted to have our lunch as we were bit tired and jet-legged from the flight. We went to Suku restaurant. My bae had arabiatta pasta. I ordered a beautiful Thai green curry , veggies cooked in coconut milk served with rice and soy sauce and a refreshing ice lemon tea. Sitting by the pool , we enjoyed our lunch.


When we went to the room, we were welcomed with tropical fruits. One thing you should definitely try is the different tropical fruit varieties there. Especially if you like fruits or if you are a fruitarian Bali is your place.


The fruit you are seeing in below picture was served to us on our last day at the resort, as a complimentary addition to our breakfast. This fruit is called Purple mangosteen, this was the first time for us to see and relish on them. You eat the inside white part, the middle one alone has a seed. It tasted sweet, tangy and juicy , simply put amazing.


The morning breakfast was a huge complimentary buffet. There was a mix of vegan and non-vegan foods. But loads of salad, fruits, cereal, porridge and roasted veggies/potato and more vegan options were available.  My everyday breakfast selection was beans, porridge topped with soy sauce & spring onion, potato wedges and grilled tomato. Never got bored of this. They served the balinese coffee at our table i got the opportunity to try the latte and cappuccino, wow got my mind blown. IF you are a coffee lover like me definitely try the balinese coffee. The had soy milk option as well.


INDIAN DHABA Restaurant:

For dinner we wanted to explore more options outside, that is when we found this restaurant just a few kilometers away from our resort. We were so surprised to see Indian restaurants here, that too a place with such delicious food! Just thinking of it makes me hungry 🙂 . We ordered some vegetable Manchurian (indo-chines dish), vegetable biriyani (flavored rice) and jeera aloo (cumin potato). It was a very satisfying dinner. The photos don’t do the justice to the taste.:)


Azure Bar and Restaurant:

Of-course there were days where we just wanted to chill by the beach with some finger food and drinks. Azure at conrad Bali had some good vegan and vegetarian options like pasta, sandwiches etc. These were some yummy, fresh and crispy fries.  Ofcourse the mayo isn’t vegan but it tasted amazing with the ketchup. I loved on how it was served, the wooden plate an banana leaf.



How could i not explore vegan restaurants while visiting the vegan paradise. During our exploring days one of our stop for lunch was Earth cafe. They also have a market inside to shop some vegan goodies, where i splurged a bit 🙂 (my shopping haul will be coming soon in a new post, lookout for it). There were quiet few unique things i got to ret here, some raw vegan food my first ever sushi and they had more vegan milk options (coconut, soy, almond etc). There was this screen at one corner of the restaurant where it played some beautiful videos of animals being friendly with humans mixed with some slaughter house bits. I loved how they showcased the suffering of animals and we could show kindness to them. There were few quotes written here and there. What was more surprising is although their food as far as i saw was almost 100% vegan , their store carried some vegetarian items like goat milk powder. It got me confused though, i mean why? what was the necessity. The even had a big banner in their parking lot for the upcoming October vegan Bali feast. The dairy industry has its part of cruelty when they were aware of it why not keep it a fully vegan restaurant. Didn’t make sense to me. However they had a humungous menu to choose from , lots of options. We ordered some cold vegetable clear soup, Raw vegan green pizza topped with cashew cheese, vegan sushi, soba noodles and some cold coffee based drinks. They all tasted amazing and the quantity was really good. My favorite has to be the sushi, loved it , crave it and missing it right now 🙂



For another dinner date we chose to go to a restaurant nearby to our resort, this was at walkable distance. We saw loads of tourists dropping here from bus eating and leaving. This was definitely one of the famous Indian restaurants in Bali. We had some light food phulka chapattis (thin wheat breads) with aloo mattar (potato and peas curry) and bhindi (okra / ladies finger). After dinner we went to the resort by walk holding hands, with the cool breeze flowing on our face. It was another relaxing day for us.



Following day, we had some relaxing spa and body massage. Wow it was a pleasurable experience. Followed by our relaxed afternoon time we went to grab some snack at east bar in our resort. The place has a deck that sits overlooking the beach and swimming pool. We ordered some vegetable spring rolls that was served with Thai sweet chili sauce and salad and a soothing chai tea. We just sat there for an hour enjoying our evening time.


KAFE Restaurant:

Our last exploration spot while roaming through Ubud (Bali) was this restaurant. Although they had this huge menu, there were only a handful of vegan items which i found disappointing. However there were quite a collection of non-dairy drink options. I got a chocolate-coconut drink topped with toasted coconuts, stir fry veggies and tofu with brown rice and Vietnamese salad rice paper roll (filled with vermicelli , bell peppers, carrots, tofu) and served with this mouth delicious peanut sauce! The  rice was bit heavy and dry for me but the salad roll & peanut sauce were my favorite of all.


Last but not least here is a picture of myself enjoying the good stuff :). If anyone has ever told you being vegan is too much “work” then trust me it ain’t. It is as easy as it gets. There are options every where, you just have to look out for them and not be scared to try new stuff. Delicious vegan food can be experienced even while traveling to new places. Hopefully my travel dairies gave you some insights. See you soon in the second travel edition. Did you get to come across any awesome vegan place in Bali? Let me know below in the comments! 🙂 I would love to try them out in my next visit.


……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3