Hoi there! Welcome to my blog if you are new here. To stay connected with me click on to my social media and let’s be friends. 🙂 I just got the chance to sit down de-stress myself from my busy work life and scribe myself to peace. Here we are at another unboxing.

For my newbie readers :),  the vegancuts is a monthly subscription box that delivers to your doorstep with vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. It’s a good way to learn new brands and try new products out available. They ship international, if you are interested do check them out.


The vegan cuts boxes are curated with a theme every month. This month theme was “Lunar love – Beauty in orbit”. Very unique and interesting theme indeed. Let’s excavate the orbit, shall we.

TERRE MERE COSMETICS – Mineral Blush “Lychee”:


I always love getting makeup in my vegancuts box, it spices up the whole experience rather than sticking only to skincare. From terre mere cosmetics, a mineral bronzer (sunstone) or blush (lychee) was given out in this month box. I had received the blush. Powdery in consistency, a beautiful coral – peachy color. Peach blushes are most suited to my skin tone, really love the color. Needless to say the beautiful golden packing is chick. The leaf symbol on top kind of resembles to the veganism symbol. Love it to bits.

GREEN TIDINGS – Lavender Deodorant:


Next product is a “lavender” scented deodorant from “Green tidings”. It is aluminium, parabens and alcohol free roll on a stick. Main ingredients include coconut oil, tapioca starch, baking soda, shea butter, lavender essential oil extra. Gives smooth application, comes out creamy with a little bit of cooling effect. Smells very much as lavender. It came with a pamphlet with detailed information about the deo and its ingredients, very informational and a good read.

LEANNI ECO – 3 in 1 revolution light:


Very interesting product of this box has to it. A multi-use product which comprises of toner, serum and moisturizer. Really unique and a time saving product, wish i got a fuller size. It can be used as a lotion in the morning or as a toner in the night with infused serum effects. I had carried it with me during my recent travels and loved it. Instead of 3 i just took one item. It is very light weight and gets quickly absorbed to the skin. Works good for sensitive and combination skin. Main ingredients include rosehip seed oil, grape seed oil, safflower seed oil, rose flower extracts and more. Scented very subtle with a rose fragrance. Something i would like to purchase in the future 🙂

GODDESS GARDEN – Raspberry lip balm with SPF:


It’s hard to come by lip-balms free of beeswax and with sun protection. I was delighted to get this in my monthly box. Best for summer and hot/humid season. It smells exactly like raspberry , has an SPF of 30 and is water resistance! as well. It’s formulated without any chemicals and animal products. It is color free balm, it very thick and hard, when you apply with that body heat produced the product melts and glides on to your lips. This is very helpful as some of my other creamy lip balms tends to melt due to the hot summer. Happy with this, very helpful to have it.

THE WONDER SEED –  Facial Scrub:


A soothing face scrub from wonder seed designed to cleanse, reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin. All of their products are based on one major ingredient, the hemp seed oil. Its considered best for hydration and dermal nutrition with its omega fatty acids, vitamin & mineral composition. Formulated with natural products and free from harmful chemicals. Other ingredients include water lotus (my favorites:) ), ginseng, almond, soymilk, coconut oil, jojoba and more. It is a full sized product, which is amazing to receive. Smells like lotus, my forever favorite fragrance. It comes with a leaflet as well with details of their other range of products and benefits of hemp seed oil. I’m excited to try this one out and see what it will do to my skin.

MOON SOULS –  Bath Salt:


The final product for this month box is a bath salt from “Moon souls”. It’s a handcrafted bath soak made with dead sea salt, fresh rose buds and more. A little tip from vegancuts: If you don’t have a bath tub, transfer the bath salt to a muslin cloth and had it under your shower head for an aromatic steam or use it as a foot soak. I don’t have a bath tub either. But recently i was traveling and my hotel had a bath tub. I took all my bath salts and tried them out. I have to say this one was amazing especially for the rose flower, in warm water it gave amazing aroma. Little goes long way, my bath tub was humungous and i still got to use it twice. Loved it.

Hopefully this helped you to get to know some new cruelty-free brands or find you some favorites to try out.

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3