I’m sitting here at a beautiful beach in Bali, having the time of my life. Best place to relax and de-stress.  My much awaited vacation for sure 🙂


Relaxing here with all the time in the world, i couldn’t help but to write my next chapter. I always get curious questions and sarcastic looks from people about Veganism.  Anytime they ask me the reason and i say about animals and their suffering, they almost always agree with the point of view but cannot digest the fact they are being part of the cause. When i mention bits and pieces about the health benefits and how dangerous the animal protein is for our body , they don’t even acknowledge it. I’m not joking when i quote this, but this is a comment i often get from some of the people literally “Even i’m dying i would continue to chew on the animal flesh and die rather living as a vegetarian or vegan”!

By saying so they try to portray they are funny, and there is no harm being done to them , whatsoever. They feel achieved and happy to boast of such “Qualities”. To be honest it is not funny nor is something to be proud of. I have lost my dearest loved ones and family members , it has left a mark in our lives. When you die , you don’t die alone. You take your family, children, spouse, partner, friends and more with you. And there is only emptiness left back.

Most might think, what is the big deal, it’s just my supper or breakfast. It is so casual to chomp on chicken, fish and eggs not understanding what it is doing to your body. Scientific studies have proven the effects of animal protein based food being the number one cause for cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and more. Plant based diets can not only prevent but even cure certain types of cancer and heart disease. Remember you can’t exercise your clogged arteries or proliferating cancer cells. You cant meditate and heal through yoga, while consuming dead decaying body parts. What most people fail to understand is that it doesn’t happen overnight, your heart disease probably is already growing inside of you slowing clogging your arteries. It is just matter of time.

It frustrates and saddens to see kids being fed with meat, milk and eggs on the contrary they are also being told it is good for them. So many kids die of cancer at very young age. I see all these cancer walks/runs, shaving the hair/moustache to raise cancer awareness and they feel they have supported the victims. I mean seriously i’m not against that but i’m not into it either. No deaths can be prevented by these sort of “Raising awareness”. Rather educate yourself and pass along the knowledge. Create awareness on risks involved with animal based diet. That would really mean and help to save lives.

People never stop to amaze me. 🙂 Our lifestyles and cultures have conditioned us to eat animal based diets with so much misleading information. Take any random blog or top google search post for healthy foods, they would definitely include some of these –> eggs (equal to smoking 3 cigarettes a day and not to mention the cholesterol), lean chicken breast (cancer/diabetes causing), salmon (artery-clogging cholesterol and fat, carcinogen). And they are marked health foods? 🙂

Choosing to live a happy, healthy and pain-free long life is just a meal away. All you have to do is eat plant foods. There are so much options from meat free plant meats even to plant based eggs and milk. And imagine how many innocent lives you will be saving out of this. We all should love and care about ourselves for the basic cause of keeping ourselves alive. Why wish death upon yourself? Why boast to die rather than live another day?

All i’m trying to say is , you don’t have to be miserable and eat to die 🙂 Instead, Eat to live and thrive. Stay positive and be happy. <3 From a friend to friend.


………………….Until next time <3 Vegandiarist 🙂