I had to make a big apology for this. My vegancuts June box was submerged in the pile of my mails and i had totally missed it 🙁 . Better late than never right?  I would not let this happen again 🙂 . So here is the June box unboxing.


For my newbie readers :),  the vegancuts is a monthly subscription box that delivers to your doorstep with vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. It’s a good way to learn new brands and try new products out available. They ship international, if you are interested do check them out.

I was late to notice this, but vegancuts creates a theme every month and curate their boxes accordingly. June month theme seemed to be “Uplifting Beauty – Recharge your body, mind and soul”. That is a beautiful theme. This month we have 6 products in total. Lets explore in no particular order.

ADORA THERAPY – Mood boost spray “Awake”:

The previous month vegancuts included a “clear mind” spray from little moon. Similarly we have another aromatherapy product from Adoratherapy brand. All of their 7 scents were give out this month that includes “Balanced, Peaceful, Inspired, Seductive, Beautiful, Awake and Smart”. I received the ‘Awake’ mood boost spray, designed for the ‘gal on the go’. I adore their packaging details. Unique art piece of a women on each of their scent, along with a thoughtful quote. It seems to be a full size product. The ingredients include distilled water infused with tulsi, cinnamon, patchouli, organic lavender, frankincense and essential oils. I literally sprayed on my wrist and face right now and took a deep breath. I could feel the smell going deep down to my nerves and making me aware <3 . I can definitely smell the tulsi and patchouli on highest. Simply love this product, kind of reminds me of India. Something i would love to use while writing. I will look into repurchasing this for sure.

CLARISEA – Powder Exfoliator:


Next item is a powdered face scrub from CLARISEA. Claims to give you an instant glow and buff away impurities. Even-though it says, its for the face, i think this can be used on body as well. It is supposed to be mixed with any cleanser you like or something natural like a coconut oil and applied to your skin and scrub away. Made mainly  from mineral sea salt and infused with lavender flower. I could smell the lavender but it also smells more on the citrusy side. Some the ingredients include almond nut powder, lavender flower and oil extracts, orange peel, rose, ginger, licorice root powder and more. It sounds delicious 🙂 . Excited to try this one, i would probably try it with coconut or almond oil and even my face wash and see how it works.

SADE BARON – Jasmine body cream:


This is probably my favorite item in this month box. Handcrafted body cream from SADE BARON. I have a thing for body lotions, creams and butters :). I can never have enough of it. I’m always on the lookout to try new scents and formula. When i saw jasmine i fell in love. Not everyone loves the jasmine scent but i do. In-fact my home city is famous for producing the best Jasmine flowers. You smell them when you walk by the temples and markets. It is always nice to have a reminder of home with you. This cream has almost exact same fragrance. It is really thick and moisturizing, more like a body butter than a cream. The ingredients include apricot oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil, grapefruit, pomegranate and jasmine. Yum 🙂 loving it already.

EARTHLY BODY – Miracle oil blend:


Miracle oils is a blend of essential oils that include tea tree, hemp seed, soybean, avocado, apricot, jojoba, eucalyptus, rosemary and more. Wow thats a nice blend. It smells predominantly of tea tree and eucalyptus. What i find interesting is that, in-spite of having tea tree and eucalyptus, it does not give away that menthol feeling (which I’m not a big fan of!). It claims to deeply soothe and restore the skin. This can be used for a calming effects after a shave/wax, on your nails or cuticle and dry patches on skin. Seems to have multiple uses! Im going to try this as an after shave and see how it works its magic.

LITTLE MOON ESSENTIALS – Mineral bath salt:


Yet another bath salt. Unfortunately i don’t have a bath tub. Seems this can be used as a shower scrub as well. It is definitely topical with its citrusy scent. It has a refreshing and relaxing scent. It is made from Hawaiian sea salt and Kauai red clay! Some of the ingredients include mineral and Japanese sea salt, tangerine oil, cane, coconut flavor and cedar oil. It claims to give you a tropical getaway. It would be nice way to relax after a busy day.

JING AI – Lip and cheek pigment:

Final entry of this month box, is a duo use item. That is always a plus, to have a multi-use product handy. JING AI is a new brand for me, i like the golden glossy design embossed on the packaging.  The scent seems to be almost invisible or i could describe it as a subtle oil based smell. I’m not sure if different color shades were included. The one i got is in the shade “Pink Chiffon”, a paler cool toned pink. As the name suggest there is a subtle glow/sheen to the finish. It is creamy, smooth and richly pigmented. As you can see the swatch, it’s clearly too light for my skin. Wouldn’t be a best suit for deeper skin tones either. I wish this was chosen to be more of a versatile color. I believe i could make it work as a cheek stain 🙂 Will see.

Hopefully this helped you to get to know some new cruelty-free brands or find you some favorites to try out.

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3