I picked this book, while traveling to Chennai, India. I was traveling alone and had plenty of time to kill at the airport. So, I went to my all-time favorite place “a bookstore”. This book at the far end of the shelf, caught my eye with it’s catchy title. This is no new book. It’s been in the stores for a long time now. I had heard a lot of good reviews on this. So i decided to give it a read and purchased the book.

The author of the book Robin Sharma has also written the “who will cry when you die” and few more with the eye catching books.

The whole book revolves around a conversation between two friends/colleagues. Both lawyers, with a very busy and stressful life. One of them “Julian Mantle”, has it all with money and fame. But hits the peak point of his life with health and stress levels. He breaks a pause, travels to Himalayas in-order to find peace, meets up with great sages and returns a new man to tell the story. Julian explains to his friend on how to turn around their lives onto a positive pathway. He teaches, explain and shares his experinces.

This is a well put story sketch. The book gives you a feeling you are in the same room as the friends, listening to their conversation and soaking in the information. No doubt it is a wonderful book especially well suited for the busy lives most of use live. It is easy to forget to live in the present and get carried away. The book shares tricks, tips, short stories, examples, exercises and tools that you could practically practice for a better lifestyle.

The first half of the book drags much , just increasing the readers expectations and building the suspense and interest. After a while it gets annoying. I was impatient to know the actual tricks rather than reading 3 chapters about how awesome these tips are. To some extent making an entrance matters, but not so much as this book does. I feel that is the only demerit here. I was happy to see the author touch based on how food is very vital to our life and choosing a vegetarian food is far more healthy and good for the body and soul. Not all spiritual or positivity books touch on this topic. I was impressed to see it included in the book, considering how much importance it has.

It is a refreshing read. Makes you question your lifestyle choices and most of all makes you want to consider and change it. It encourages to follow your dreams. It is easy to follow and understand. Goes step by step and  well explained. I would personally recommend it to everyone. If you are at school, college or amidst an incredibly busy life. Take a pause and have a good read.

I hope you enjoyed the review. Have you read this book already? Let me know how you liked it in the comments below.

………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3