It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks for me. But I’m back with a new review post and first impressions. Before i write my reviews i take some time to use the products, test them and only when i’m satisfied or like it, i write about it. So i take the time before sharing my views.

I recently learnt that all of Kylie lip kits are vegan and her brand is cruelty-free. In case you are wondering who kylie is, she is reality TV star who owns a cosmetic line and more stuff. Im sure the whole world know about their family. However, I’m not a big fan of the Kardashians or Jenner family mainly because they promote fur in fashion. Fur industry is one of the cruelest things out there. Seeing kylie make her cosmetic line cruelty-free had me surprised.

Where to get: 

Kylie’s website seems to be the only place to get them (I’m here). They do ship international.

Product Description:

Before i made my purchase, i went to youtube looked at bunch of swatch videos. Mainly because of the variety in color options. I saw the KKW x Kylie lip cream set launch, which had been better suited on fairer skin tones. I took some caution, selected the colors that would complement my skin tone. Something i could wear everyday to work or out. At the end i was very happy with my choice.

The whole purchase came in a single black and white cardboard box, with a small note inside from Kylie herself. It is an attractive packaging. And each of the product comes in it’s own box packing, especially the lip kits have this lips with color dripping all over. My purchase was:

  • 3 lip kits (Dolce K, Candy K, brown sugar)
  • Single liquid lipstick (Exposed)
  • Gloss (literally)

All the liquid lipsticks are matte finishes. The lip kits are a combo of lipstick and matching lipliner.  The lipstick comes in plastic tubes. The dripping design continues on outside as well. I like the see through packaging, helps you see the color (although I’m not sure if it is see through) :P. The applicator comes different for the gloss and lipstick. The gloss has a small brush applicator, that can get into nooks and corner of your lips for a smooth application. The lipsticks come with sponge applicator like any liquid lip products. All the lip products has this cupcake, candy kind of scent to it.

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I would like to start with a bit of balm since i have dryer lips. Then line the lips with liner and go over with the liquid lipstick. The liner itself is pigmented enough that you could wear it on it’s own. However, it needs to be sharped, not retractable. The liquid lipsticks are really pigmented, so not much of dipping is required. It takes a 20 – 30 sec to dry up. Once they are dried they stick to you and never let go :).  The gloss on the other hand can be gone soon. But like the lipstick, they are well pigmented to be worn alone. The best thing about the gloss is that it isn’t sticky like most glosses are and it is very moisturising.

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The color ranges are amazing. I was impressed on how good they suited my skin tone. Love that they are all vegan <3. They stayed though my morning coffee and lunch. Staying power would be 6 – 8 hours depending on your eating intervals. Does not require touch-up’s in middle of the day. Even though they are mattes, it isn’t drying on the lips.



They go out of stock often, since there is only one place to shop. Some of the colors i wanted to try were out of stock. Also, I noticed the brown sugar was very creamy and thicker in formula. Had to go with thin layers with it. The scent maybe not be for everyone as it is bit strong when you apply but subsides later.

My Review: 

No doubt, my review is all in favor. There is nothing to hate about them, i have been totally happy. Kylie has launched her vacation edition, recently. Which has these “Send me nudes” set of 4 nude liquid lipstick in velvet (moisturizing) and matte finishes.  Looking forward to get my hands on the velvet collection. If you haven’t tried any of her lip products, i would highly recommend to give it a try. They are worth the buck and priced reasonable.

…………………………….Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3