Hola 🙂 my star readers. This month my box got delivered bit late. So my post also got delayed. Here i’m sharing this month goodies. Let’s see what we got.


For the newbies,  the vegancuts is a monthly subscription box that delivers to your doorstep with vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. It’s a good way to learn new brands and try new products out available. They ship international, if you are interested do check them out.

LUXIE BEAUTY – Foundation Brush:


The first product is a foundation brush from the brand LUXIE BEAUTY. I have known this brand for a while, they create vegan makeup brushes. I was meaning to buy their eye brush set. For some reason i haven’t yet. But after seeing this foundation brush, I’m totally intimidated. The brush is called ‘Dream Catcher’ foundation brush – number 510. Comes in this beautiful pastel lilac – lavender color and gold embossed text. It claims to provide streak-free, polished application Oooh! that’s sounds awesome. I do notice streaky lines sometimes with foundation brushes. I always have to blend out with beauty blender. Probably because the foundation brushes are normally thick and stiff. The luxie brush is really soft, flexible and the bristles spread out. I have been playing with it on my bare face just because it feels soft 😛 he he. It was love at first sight <3 .


As you can see disaster struck :'( . My eyeshadow came broken unfortunately, even though it had it’s own bubble wrap. I have safely pressed it back to place, so it’s all good now. In Dec-2016 box i had received this beautiful blush from lauren brooke cosmetics. Which i still have, it’s my absolute favorite and go-to blush. Ever since I’m in love with that brand. When i got an eyeshadow from their brand, i was so excited. This shade is called ‘Sweet-Pea’, a beautiful cool toned purply mauve color. I can see this as a versatile, subtle color that would suit all the skin colors. I can see myself using this often. It kind of reminds me of the mauve color from ‘Carli Bybel’ palate.

PAIR’D BEAUTY – Dry Shampoo:


I discovered this brand a little while ago through twitter. I loved their black & white chick packaging. They have these shower bursts which i really want to try out. I see a lot of bath products across many brands but something like shower burst is new for me. They have both, shower, skin and haircare product ranges. In the beauty box was their dry shampoo. I had this idea in my head that all dry shampoos were in powder form but this one is actually a liquid spray in. Spray in dry shampoos would be really easy for application. It’s organic, made with simple ingredients that includes maize, ethanol, eucalyptus , sweet cali orange and essential oils. It has a slight menthol effect and the mild scent also reflects it. Looking forward to try this out.

NUBIAN HERITAGE – Black Facial Soap:


Another brand that i have been eyeing for a while. I had seen good reviews on this African black soap and wanted to get one. It’s like vegancuts knew my wishlist :).  It is a full six product. Beautiful matte black color. The fragrance of this baby omg! it’s orgasmic. The smell is very earthy like patchouli, similar to the rain water hitting the dry sand scent. It claims to reduce acne, excess oil, inflammation, irritation and is anti-bacterial. The ingredients includes oats, shea butter, willow tree bark and tea tree oil. I have a combination skin, this soap should really help me with the oily T zone problem. Even-though it’s a facial soap, i would try out for my body as well.

CLEAR MOON ESSENTIALS – Energizing mist:


A spray on mist from clear moon. This is a new brand to know for me. Very unique aromatherapy product that will be of help to everyone. It is an energizing mist that you can spray on clothes, skin, tissue, room, during exercise, work etc and inhale deeply. It claims to inspire alertness and memory. It can be used for study or to get out of a sluggish morning. It tends to give you a clearer mind for concentration. The main ingredients include essentials oils from rosemary, grapefruit and eucalyptus. I can smell the eucalyptus and rosemary very much. The scent reminds me camphor that i used to play with in childhood. We used to burn camphor while doing prayers back in the day. Like the nubian black soap, this also has an earthy fragrance to it. I love this mist. I kind of sprayed it on my wrists as i’m writing the blog 🙂 really reaches deep into you.

SALIS SKINCARE – Blackhead removal mask:


Blackheads is a very common problem for most people. And i’m one of those people 😉 . Very good thought of getting a black head removal mask in this box! Salis skincare is a first time hear for me. You get a 10% off code for this brand’s future purchases. It’s a natural clay mask for spot treatment. You use it only on your problem area not the whole face. It claims to remove blackheads and give you a clear, glowing skin. You mix with water, apply and leave it overnight. Rinse off in the morning. You are supposed to do this 3 days in a row and give a week’s break. The ingredients are just 3 items redmond clay, organic backing soda and organic MSM. It seems fairly easy process to do. I will be trying it out tonight and see how it works for me.

I feel this is my favorite box so far 🙂 there were two makeup items included this time. All the products are versatile and useful for almost anyone. It surely was a well curated box by vegancuts. Hopefully some of you got to learn some new brand or product today.

……………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3