Guess what day it is today? ..hmm it’s a review day …. duh! 😀 hehe

Avalon Organics – I guess a US/UK based company. They feature cruelty-free, organic and vegan skin, hair and body care products. They feature leaping bunny logo in their products. They curate innovative plant based beauty products with organic ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals (sulphates, parabens, pthaletes, GMO etc.). Their product packagings are made of sustainable, biodegradable and of recyclable materials. Very thoughtful! Except their lip balms (contains beeswax), all other products are vegan friendly. Their website’s ‘about us’ page is worth the read. Check them out here .

Where to get: In Singapore they are easy to get from Redmart, cold storage etc. They are also available at iherb, walmart and vitacost. You can key in your postal code at their website and find out your nearest store.


Product Description: Their product ranges have these beautiful bright colored packaging. Red’s, blues, purple, orange and greens. They definitely attract your eyes. Their haircare ranges include shampoo and conditioner for different hair requirements. For strengthening, anti-dandruff, nourishing, thickening, scalp treatments, volumizing, clarifying and damage control. That is a lot! of varieties to choose from.

The lavender shampoo and conditioner are designed for nourishing hair. As i have naturally dry, frizzy and wavy hair that is the one i needed. The main ingredients included lavender essential oil, quinoa protein, aloe vera, Vitamin E, lime etc. It claims to give soft, smooth and shiny hair. They come in 3 different sizes , i got mine in the biggest size of 32oz (946 ml). The bottles are leafy green in color with black pumps for outlet. Somehow i always screw up with these pump outlets, the conditioner pump wasn’t working 🙁 . So i had to replace it with the sukin shampoo’s. But these pumps were better than the sukin one’s though, they let out more product. Even though the scent is lavender, i felt it as more of chemically smelling. Not a big fan of the fragrance. It isn’t so strong so no problem there. The shampoo is of thick transparent liquid texture and conditioner is more of white & creamy. Like most of the shampoo and conditioners.

Usage: Apply to wet hair massage, rinse and repeat if required. I have been using this for some months now. I notice the frizz in my hair visibly reduced, definitely makes the hair shiny and soft.


Pro’s: It’s vegan! organic, has no chemicals. Does everything it claims. It even reduces the curling tendency of my hair to some extent. Hair feels soft, silky and shiny. It does not dry out your hair. Best suited for normal to dry hair.

Con’s: Not a big fan of it’s scent. It would be nicer to see more frizz control with it.

My Review: I have one word for it , love it 🙂 . I would like to try some of their other collections for my next use though! I would suggest to give this a try. They are worth the buck  ‘kaching kaching’ $$$.

……………………………………………….Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3