I have so much to write but so little time. I feel bad missing a week. Writing makes my soul happy. Now that i’m back 🙂 . I have a review to share.

Style Aromatherapy is a brand i had discovered lately. I belive they are Singapore based. It’s a cruelty free brand. They are very vocal about it in their website, being animal friendly and not supporting animal testing. I love that. Some brands like Nivea, even though being cruelty-free do not represent that on their pacakges. Another awesome thing about this brand, they care about the environment. Creating recycleable packaging wherever possible thus reducing the waste and plastic diposals. They produce haircare and bodycare products with natural ingredients. Although i’m not sure if this is a vegan. I wasn’t able to find a vegan list for their products. If i found out, will definetly share with you guys. Let’s get on with the review.

I have a wavy, dry, frizzy, fine and thick hair. I know what you are thinking. What can i say, i have a unique hair 🙂 . I was on the lookout for keratin based hair treatments, to get a moisturized straight hair. That is when i discovered the Keratin hair mask from style aromatherapy.

Where to get: They have an online website (Explore here) with their product details. However they do not sell from the site. You can get them from online stores – redmart, lazada etc.


Product Description: The product comes in 500 ml size and a gunmetal grey color plastic tub packaging. It’s a part of their keratin series which also has shampoo and condtioner. But i had only got the mask. It’s thick, white and creamy in texture. It has a pleasent fragrance, nothing too strong. It’s mainly designed to use for hairs that undergoes blowdrying and straightening often. The back side of the package has the instructions on how to use and ingredients list (some of it includes Argan oil and Borage seed oil). Most of the keratin products are made from animal products / proteins. Unlike them, this is made with plant orgin protein. And free from sodium chloride. It’s a treatment mask and claims to give strenth, shine, hydration and softness to the hair.


Usage: It’s one of those masks designed for the busy lifestyle. Apply it to clean moist hair and let it sit for 3-5 mins. Rinse it off and boom you are done. However i like to keep the mask longer. I wash my hair with shampoo and condtioner, then towel dry my hair. While its still wet and moist (not dripping wet) i run my fingers through my hair length with good amount of the product. Since it is very thick and creamy not a lot is required. Applying of wet hair makes it easy to spread within the hair strands. I let it sit for an hour or two then rinse it off under warm water.


Pro’s: It gives everything it claims for. Makes the hair soft, hydrated, reduces frizz , adds bit of shine and makes it lessy curly/wavy. You will see the difference in first use only. The effect stays till 2 weeks (even after a hair wash). The product would last to 3 – 6 months, depending on the frequency of your usage. If you have the luxury of time, i would suggest to keep the hair mask longer on your hair for even better and longer results.

Con’s: Hmm, i dont have any cons for it. I really like this mask for my hair. I would say not to keep too long, 3 hours plus. Because it tends to get brittle as it dries. That might damage your hair.

My Review: I used to blow dry my hair straight every week after a wash. With this mask, i can wear my natural hair! I haven’t been blow drying for months now. I would really recommend it. I would be repurchasing my next one soon.

……………………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3