Hoi! there 🙂 How is your week going! I’m back here with another unboxing.

For the newbies who is not aware of what I’m talking about,  the vegancuts is a monthly subscription box that delivers to your doorstep with vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. It’s a good way to learn new brands and try new products out available. They ship international, if you are interested do check them out.


Let me jump straight in and see what is there in the April vegancuts beauty box 🙂 , in no particular order.

SCHMIDT’S Natural Deodorant:


This month there was a full sized deodorant included in the box. This was one of the highlight of this month’s box. I had known of this brand, but never got to try any of their product. Deo is one of the must have’s for everyone, especially for someone who is not into perfumes. The scent is in floral rose and vanilla, it smells more rosy than vanilla. If you like rose water or rose based face masks, you probably would dig this fragrance. It claims to neutralize the odor and absorb the wetness! I didn’t know that deodorants did that, absorbing wetness . It is a natural formula free from phthalates, parabens, aluminum and other harmful chemicals. The ingredients include arrowroot, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba, Vit E and many more of the good stuff. I’m excited to try this one and see how it comes out.

PHB Ethical Beauty Lip Liner:

This month box included a makeup item. A lip liner from PHB ethical beauty. This can be used to line or even fill your lips completely. I believe the shade name is ‘Tiger lily’. It is a beautiful pinky coral shade. It comes out as shiny matte finish. The formula is definitely creamy and the pencil glides very smooth. I like creamy lip products especially because of having dry lips. The product claims to be paraben free, natural & organic, smudge proof and long lasting. The ingredients include Vitamin E, almond oil and few more vegetable based oils.  All that helps, to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

The GRANOLA GOAT Spirulina Dry Face Mask:


This has to be my favorite of the this month’s box. A spirulina face mask from the brand Granola Goat. Never heard of this brand before. I have to say how much i love this packaging. Transparent glass bottle, this could even be reused for DIY beauty products. Spirulina is a blue-green algae, harvested from non-contaminated water bodies. They are rich in protein, chlorophyl, antioxidants, iron, calcium, vitamins and more nutrients. Generally they are consumed as supplements. Granola goat gets their spirulina from Hawaii, it’s pond grown 2000 feet below the surface of pacific ocean. The ingredients list also includes organic quinoa, french green clay and patchouli essential oil (that gives an earthy fragrance). When mixed with water the olive green turns into rich leafy green color. I even tried it once and i have to say i loved it so much. It felt like food for my skin. I’m looking forward in ordering more products from them. They are also available at Etsy!

DERMA-E Vitamin C Serum:


Derma E is a know vegan brand, they make quality skin care products. I have tried few of their stuff. But this serum is new item. First thing i noticed was the different packaging  design, different from their other products (which are usually colorful). The second thing i noticed was the cap missing 🙁 . When i got the mail package i was busy doing something, so i asked my husband to open the package. He accidentally dropped it. I was thinking it was his deed that made the cap gone missing somewhere, he spent 10minutes searching for it even. Later i saw the pictures posted by other beauty bloggers in the internet and came to know there was no cap in the first place. Well that was bad, because even the card enclosed in the box with the product details, had a picture of the serum along with the cap. Well coming back to the serum, it claims to brighten skin, boost collagen & health, reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. That sounds interesting! Vit C is always good for your skin. It also smells a bit citrusy and gets quick absorbed. Ingredients include aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. It is a good sample size, trial product.



Another sample size product and new band for me. Well remember the story i was telling you earlier, when my bae dropped the package, this bottle cracked open at the bottom 🙁 If you look closely at the picture , you can see it :). So i had to transfer to another container. The bottle came with a roller ball applicator. It smells divine similar to a patchouli/lavender essential oil. This unique blend of oil is meant for a balancing skin treatment, to stimulate the senses and stabilize the mind. The ingredients include jojoba, sunflower oil, grape seed and hem seed oils with herb infusions (lavender, rose, aloe, neem and loads more). That is a ton loads of ingredients! This brand has been created by a mother for her child with eczema problems. That is sweet, isn’t it. A 15% off code also came with the box for this brand. I will be using this in my diffuser, face mask mix, lip balms and more. Always a fan of Ayurvedic skin care.

NAKED SCRUBS Lemon Body Scrub:


Final product of the box was a lemony sugar body exfoliant from the brand ‘Naked Scrubs’. They are hand made with natural ingredients and essential oils. It has lemon zest and juice, apricot, olive and almond oils as the main ingredients. Since it is made with natural products, it is expiring end of this year. It smells citrusy and lemony. I’m not a big fan of citrus scents but i do love me some good scrub, especially after a good shave to clear out the pores. Im excited to give this a try.

Well that would be all for this month! I wish you all a very happy and peaceful weekend.

……………………………………………Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist ❤