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Part of being vegan is also about saving the environment right? Here is something that i had learnt recently and thought of sharing. Something easy and amazing that we could do, to help our mother Earth.

I have heard about this menstrual cups used by women all over the world. Which reduces the wastage and better for you since the tampons contains chemicals and what not. I’m one of those girls who had used pads all my life. I’m never comfortable with inserting the cup inside me. I’m literally terrified of all the things that could go wrong. I really admire and appreciate all the women who do use them. So coming back, I had always wanted to make the switch but didn’t get the right alternative. That’s when i came across the “Eco Femme” site and their cloth pads. I had immediately placed my order and had my first try at them to share my experience. If you are a girl like me (pads for life 🙂 ) then this would help you as an alternative option.

Where to get: Checkout their website, to shop and learn more information. They ship to local (India) and international.

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I had purchased their full cycle kit along with an extra night pad additionally. These are available in a kit and also individually. The kit contained the following. I will explain them and the use/review one by one in detail.

Travel Pouch:

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This is the a must have for all women. To carry your pads in discretion and style 🙂 . I have been meaning to purchase it and luckily found one in their website. It could easily carry 2-3 pads rolled/folded in place. Best for travel and to carry in your purse or even your cosmetic pouch. Love the blue color and the pattern. The cloth is thick and of good quality. Although it came with the set, you have option to get it separately as well.

Panty Liner:

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I’m going in the reverse order here, aren’t i? Why not 😉 yeah. So the kit had two liners. They are of ink blue color at front and the back had a mix color striped design. They have the clasp button to hold on to the underwear firmly in place. This was pretty good, better than the use and throw liners. My disposable liners never stay in place, but these did. They have equally, or i would say even better absorbing power that the disposable liners.

Day Pads:

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Moving on to next item, set of day pads. These were magenta-pink in color with the same striped design at the back.  Has the clasp buttons like all others. It’s best used for your 3rd / 4th day of your cycle. When the flow is slightly less. I had unfortunately tried it on my second day (the heaviest for me) and it lasted just for couple of hours. I felt, the absorbing power of these were slightly lesser than a disposable one.

Day Pad Plus:

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The next, is a set of day pad plus. They are slightly longer and thicker than the day pads. They are purple in color with striped green designs at the back and with clasp buttons. This could be used on the 1st / 2nd day of your cycle. Their absorbing power is bit higher than the day pads. They lasted up to 3 hours  for me on a heavy flow day. I feel the absorbing might be bit less on this one too. Again it might be different for different women. Trying it for yourself and determining would be best.

Night Pads:

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The night pad in the kit was just one. But i went ahead and ordered one more for my use.  Since i tend to use these on my 1st and 2nd day nights. It’s in crimson red color with similar striped design at the back and clasp button closure. I like the way it is designed longer and wider at the back. It is also made, thicker than the rest of the pads. It feels and looks the same way as a disposable pad does. The are comparable to disposable pads, in terms of absorbing capacity. It is good and lasts the night. However i was having a tough time at first to get a good sleep without being paranoid. It takes time to understand and get used it.

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Final item, the kit came with stickers, how to use and how to wash/maintain instruction leaflets. There was even a tracking calendar that you could use to track your monthly cycle for the year. Eco femme pads are organic and are designed without any harmful dyes or chemicals that affects our body. These pads claim to last 3-5 years of time, depending upon the use and handling. They also have menstrual cups availalbe.

In case you are wondering.. 

Why cloth pad / Why make the switch – Every year tons of wastes are generated by disposable pads. These pads are made with lots of resources as well as chemicals/plastic which aren’t the safest to be putting in your body. They take from 500 – 800 years to get decomposed! That’s a lot of time! isn’t it. Used and thrown away pads are sometimes eaten by stray animals such as cows and dogs and highly affect their health and well being. Also without doubt, you would be saving a lot of money by making this switch.

Washing the pads / How do i do it – Well there comes the tough part. The only downside of using cloth pads is washing them. It is doable 🙂 not going to lie. So you could look this up on youtube/online also eco femme site have mentioned tips on how to wash. And chose the best suited for your liking. I generally soak the used pads over night / 3-4 hours in cold water and oxygen bleach. Then apply stain removers, wherever needed the was with detergent in the machine and or sometimes at the sink by hand. And dry them out in the sun.

Pad for Pad program – This is a program created by eco femme. While you make your purchase, they ask if you would like to help another girl (you could choose maximum of 5 girls). So you donate pads to the girls. This is totally voluntary. I had chosen to donate pads for 5 girls and totally it came to sum of around 500 INR.

Why Eco Femme – Well i believes there might be more companies selling cloth pads. The eco femme company is actually from Auroville (Pondicherry, chennai). They are small group of women who are revolutionizing the cloth pad trend. They are hiring women from rural areas and giving them opportunities. Through their pad for pad program, they are donating pads, helping and educating young girls from schools on health and hygiene. It would be wonderful to be a part of their community and support them on doing this great job. Hence i chose eco femme and recommend them too.

It is just like back in the olden days were our mothers used cloths for pads. Only now it has been enhanced for better comfort and use. Take your time, possibly try them when you are at home. Understand the use and capacity of each pad. And make the switch slowly. But definitely give this a try. The Earth will be happy on our contribution 🙂 Hopefully this helped, all my girl friends reading. Share this and let everyone get aware.

(P.S. I’m not sponsored by them)

…………………………………………..Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3