Hola everyone. How is your week going? Mine is very busy and stressful. This is the best time to write this post. A shea butter body routine to calm down and relax you 🙂 .


When i was traveling to India in dec’16, for my wedding i had picked up some products from Bodyshop in airport. This was one of the set, which was very handy and useful for me. Had all the body essentials in travel friendly size. The set had the following items.

  • Shea Shower Cream
  • Mini Shea Body Butter
  • Mini Shea Body Scrub
  • Shea Soap
  • Taupe Mini Bath Lily

Except the body butter , the rest is all vegan <3 The body butter contains lanolin 🙁


The shea shower cream and loofah has to be my favorite. It comes in 250ml transparent plastic bottle and black cap. Thick and creamy consistency. Fragrance was amazing and pleasant. All the scents of shea set products were almost similar. Just a little bit of the shower cram over the wet loofah gives so much foam. It was very moisturizing and hydrating. It easily cleansed the skin and lathered well. You could even get away without a moisturiser after its use. The skin felt smooth after use. Along with shea butter, it also contains sunflower oil and sesame oil. I had been using this, even after i got back from my travel. It had lasted me for almost 2 months. Used both by me and my husband. That is a good amount of product.


The sugar scrub came in 50ml pack, in a plastic box. It had an oily/nutty kind of scent and creamy in texture. I wasn’t a big fan of the smell. But the hydration is over the top. When i rinsed off, i could literally see the oil floating on top of the water. Just a little amount does the job. It removes all the dirt and dead cells from your skin, without drying you or irritating your skin. The after effects made my skin smooth, soft and moisturised. It contains castor oil, sunflower seed oil and rosemary extracts. The castor oil explains the scent.


The shea body butter also comes in 50ml pack. The consistency is very thick, creamy and buttery. Same scent as the shower cream. Very pleasing and calming. It would be perfect for winter season and dry skin problem. I had given one to my mom, she had tried it and told me even she liked it. Very much hydrating and quick absorbing into the skin. It doesn’t feel heavy or oily afterwards, which i really like. After use, made my skin feel soft and supple. Since it isn’t vegan, i probably wouldn’t be rebuying it again.


The last product is their shea butter soap. I like the packaging of the brown paper cover. It kind of reminded me the school notebook covers we used, back in my schooldays 🙂 . It’s a 100g soap bar made with vegetable base. I had used bar soaps my entire childhood life and switched to shower creams and washes many years back. Main reason being, the bar soap formulas are drying for skin and most of them are made with animal fats. This bar is an exception. It does not make you feel dry. It cleanses, lathers and gives a hydrated clean skin after use. It has the similar pleasing scent as the body butter and shower cream. It also contains palm oil as one main ingredient (incase you do not use palm oil).

Overall i loved this set, it would best suit for winter season and dry skin problems. It would make a very good gift or even to buy for self. It’s a travel friendly set and well put together for all body routine essentials. Since they are all in mini size, it makes it a best option to try them first and invest later only if you like them.

………………………………………. Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3