Well, this was supposed to be up by yesterday but got delayed. Here we go with the March box unboxing .. 🙂


This month beauty box had a total of 6 products. Two of them are actually a combo to be used together. If you are new and not sure what I’m talking about. The vegan cuts is a beauty box subscription where they send you beauty products monthly. The products are completely cruelty-free and vegan. It is a good way to know more vegan brands and try out some new stuff in the market. They are shipped worldwide, so if you are interested do check them out.

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The first product is a body lotion from a brand “HEMPZ”, a new brand to me. It’s infused with hemp seed oil, coconut and watermelon. The watermelon is more over powering in the fragrance. A very different combo though, coconut & watermelon. I have never seen both of them together. It claims to rejuvenate, revive, soothe and moisturize the skin. I tried a bit on my hands and it very moisturizing and soothing. Good travel product. Im a sucker for body lotion, it’s a must in my everyday body routine. Im really happy to have one in this month box.

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The second item is a shea butter lip balm from the brand “SHEA MOISTURE”, a new brand for me. There were two flavors sent out in this month box. A fruit passion with coconut water and a coconut hibiscus one. I had received the coconut hibiscus , another unique combo never seen them together. It has sunflower oil, coconut oil, hibiscus extract, shea butter and many more of the good stuff in there. It sounds really moisturizing to me. They use organic ingredients and it also has a bunch of skin nourishing vitamins and fatty acids. I have never seen such a big size lip balm , this should last really long. It’s transparent and had no color. I have some more lip balms to go through before this so i didn’t want to open and try it yet. But i will let you know how it goes. You can never have enough lip balms right. Always a must have in your vanity.


The third product is a mineral bath salt from the brand “PLANTLIFE”. There were two variations given in the box, a Detox or Relax salt. I had received the detox pack. It claims to detox the body from toxins and pollutants, relaxing and stimulates your immune system. It is made of hand harvested sea salt, these salts have over 84 vital minerals and are free from pesticides and chemical residues. It’s a 85gram product, that is a good amount. Since i don’t have a bath tub, i usually use the bath salts for my foot soaks and pedicure. Looking forward to try it out.


The fourth item is a nail polish <3 who doesn’t love one ya? It’s from a brand called “LONDONTOWN”. It’s in the shade “BRILL-ANT”. This is the one i immediately opened and tried on my nails. Its a beautiful metallic mauve color. It claims to be chip resistant and high shine. It’s definitely very shiny and glossy. This is a versatile color, it would go good with all skin colors. It was very pigmented that just one coat was thick enough. This has to be my favorite product in this box.


Well the 5th and 6th product is a combo and very unique product i have ever come across. It’s a cleanser and exfoliant duo from the brand “MODICUM”. There was also a 25% off code to shop at modicumskincare.com website. The cleanser and the exfoliant had similar fragrance, a pleasant and mild one. It’s designed for skin problems and anti ageing. You will have to mix one teaspoon of the exfoliant with two pumps of cleanser and massage on to wet skin. Im really curious to give this a try. It seems to be like one of those luxury beauty product.

Those were all the products in my box this month. And looking forward to find out the next month’s delivery. Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend.

……………………………………………Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3