Recently i was scoping around at Katong mall in Singapore and came across this shop “Naiise”. It was a very interesting looking shop because of their variety of items. The had collection of so many stuff ranging from jewelry, tech, skincare, art, stationery, food and much more. You can check their online shop here Explore . Currently they have an offer going on, spend 80$ and above to get a tote bag free (i got one too, very good quality tote).

The main attraction for me were the vegan and cruelty-free range of skincare. It was like finding treasure there 🙂 <3 . I have been researching Singapore based vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brands and wanted to support them. I stumbled upon some good brands in this shop. What better place than to share here.

Having said all that these brands have their own website , i will link them all for you guys to checkout. (I’m not sponsered by any of them)


HANDMADE HEROES (Find me here)

Majority of my haul is from this brand. They are Singapore based vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand. All their products are natural, paraben and preservative free and completely vegan. They also ship worldwide. Their product includes lip balms, lip tints, lip scrub, face and body rice scrub, clay masks and dry shampoo. I got their Vitamin C boost clay face mask, Drop dead gorgeous dry shampoo, Coco friggin fantastic lip tint and coco-licious luscious lip scrub. They feel very gentle and refreshing on the skin. I have tried the clay mask and dry shampoo and became their fan already. The color of the face mask was so beautiful purple pink. And the dry shampoo smelled amazingly pleasant and was very easy to apply at the roots of my hair. I’m planning to do individual review on these soon. Definitely check them out!

BALM KITCHEN (Find me here)

Another Singapore base vegan brand. Their website explains their brand story which is really amazing. A mother found his for her son who had eczema problems. What is greater than mother’s love right? All their products are cruelty-free and vegan. They use botanical-based organic ingredients. Their packaging are PET and BPA free and also recycleable. Their skincare are specially formulated for tropical climate and anti-pollution varying from cleanse, tone, hydrate and nourishing products. They even have bug-repellants. I only had picked up one of their tinted lip balms in flavor sassy coral made with avocado oil, mango butter and sunflower oil (all the good stuff). The most important thing is, all their products are affordable and budget friendly! which is wonderful. I’m excited to try more of their products and review them. Check them out if you are on a budget.

MANDY T (Find me here)

Another Singapore based vegan brand. They are all natural and eco friendly body care brand.They use fewer and better ingredients to handcraft fish and natural products. Their products are aimed at fresh, healthy and radiant skin. Products range from body scrubs, moisturizer, bath salts, soaps and candles. Everything you would need for a spa! I ha tough time selecting which one i want since they all had this amazing fragrance! I chose a rose, geranium and orange body scrub. I have to mention the sensual fragrance emanating even from a closed bottle! This is heavenly. It even comes with a spoon just to use them, how thoughtful was that! IT is one of their awards winning product. I wanted to open it and use it right-away but i had to hold my horses 🙂 My older body scrub is yet to get completed. I have to say even before using, this will be my favorite of them all. I will be trying more from their brand.

ECO CARE (Find me here)

They are Uk based cruelty-free company. Their main product are organic wet wipes which are dsigned to be environment friendly.  It is very important to make eco-conscious choices and this is an awesome brand making way for better planet. They also have a charitable foundation helping out kids in Cambodia. They hold the leaping bunny cruelty-free logo. Their wipes come in 3 different flavors – Vanilla (baby wipes), Apple & honey (Facial wipes) and Rose & Chamomile (Facial wipes). I got mine in the Rose flavor which is vegan friendly and made for dry skin. It has rose extracts, green tea, chamomile and aloe vera for soothing and moisturizing the skin. I’m yet to try these, waiting on my old wipes to get finished. Looking forward in using them.

YLLO (Find me here)

A vegan and cruelty-free brand owned by a Canadian couple (Ottawa) with family origin from Bangladesh. They donate 10% of their profits to supported child marriage. Unfortunately child marriage still exist in may part of south asian countries. Their motive to support these girls and end this practice has my respect. “Turmeric” is used as the main ingredient because of it’s natural healing and health benefit properties. Another reason they chose it as many Indian/Asian weeding rituals use Turmeric. Their product is a turmeric scrub having chickpea flour, coconut oil, Vitamin-E, essential oils and more good stuff. Being an Indian i have personally used turmeric all my life, this would be inexpensive to be made at home. But they are doing it for a good cause which i really want to support. So i did get the product and yet to try and use them. I hope a better life for all those girls and women out there who had lost their childhood on early marriages.

I hope this helped you guys to find new vegan and cruelty-free brands out there. The bunnies will love you for this <3. Supporting local brands and companies with special cause would be the money spent at right place. Let me know if you have any favorite brands that you like. I would love to try them.

……………………….Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3