Today’s post is a book review on “The Book of women” by Osho. It is a piece of art to be honest. One of Osho’s best seller’s. I wanted to share this book today as it is one of the must reads out there and helped me in my life.


If you are not aware of who Osho is, he is a spiritual guide from India who questions all your beliefs. He is known as the mordern spiritual guru , for his teachings are very much applicable to our mordern and fast changing world. He had written a ton of awesome books which includes self help and spiritual guidance.

The cover of the book might have been changed to a new design. But nonethless the content is same. This book is about female spirit and everything about her.  How a women is to be treated, celebrated and what is her capability that has been underestimated. He touches about sex, love, male chauvinist, feminist, relationship, spirituality, child birth, concept of marriage and more.

This may be a book of women but it’s a book for all, let your father, brother , husband and boyfriend/girlfriend read it too. It would be a reminder for everyone about the women in their life.  This was a gift from by husband, back when he was my boyfriend. He introduced me to Osho and this had changed my life ever since.

……………………Until next time ❤️ vegandiarist 🙂