I got my Feb beauty box on the mail this Friday. Let’s do an unboxing 🙂 together and see the goodies for this month.


This month i got 6 products totally. I’m so excited about using some of these. For someone new, the vegancuts is a monthly subscription box that delivers to your doorstep with beauty products. It’s a good way to learn new vegan and cruelty-free brands out there!


The first product is from the brand “The Ariel Co”. This is a fairly new brand for me never heard them before. Nonetheless this product was amazing. It’s a cotton candle bubblegum flavored “Cupid” lip scrub. It claims to have antioxidant properties. I have never used a lip scrub so far and had always wanted one. I was so happy to get one in my box. The moment i opened that smell of bubblegum just hit on my face! So yummy and delicious. It kind of re-kindled my childhood memories, the days when i used to chew on the boomer bubble gum almost everyday. I will definitely update you on this one! after use.


The second product was a toothpaste! I didn’t know vegancuts added toothpaste , how wonderful and thoughtful! This is from the brand “Oral Essentials”(a brand that sounds familiar though). It claims to be fluoride-free and contains various oils and dead sea salt for teeth whitening without harming enamel. This is a product for everyone especially for travel! I have tried a few vegan toothpastes in the past, they always taste weird or have no foam and so i wasn’t a big fan. But this one looks and smells like any normal white minty toothpaste. I’m excited to use this one and let’s see how it turns out to be.


Third product was an eyeshadow trio from the brand “EMANI”. There were two more shade options sent out in vegancuts box, you get one of those three. Mine was mauve/pink/grey black trio. You could pull both a day and night look out of them! I have also added a quick swatch for you guys to see.Very versatile colors and travel friendly. The formula was creamy powder and blend-able. The mirror on the shadow is of great quality and good clarity. The box shuts gently and tight. I love getting makeup products in my beauty box. I’m going to try some new eye looks, this week with it. You could never go wrong with a well put together trio’s or quad’s. Great option for beginers and to carry in your makeup pouch.


Fourth product was a facial toner from the brand “Herbal Transdermal”, another new brand to me. It claims to cleanse the skin at pore level and refreshes with a variety of helpful nutrients. It’s ingredients include grapefruit minerals, citrus bioflavonoids and vitamin C. It says it alcohol-free yet the smell is so strong and pungent like chemicals. But i don’t want to conclude the results with the smell, you never know until you use it right? I had stopped using toner for over a year now. Considering the fact it is one of the important skincare regimen, I’m glad to have got this in my box this month. Definitely going to be a new addition.


My fifth product was a lip balm from the brand “CRAZY RUMORS”. This is not a new brand for me, i have quiet a few of their lip balm flavors like bubblegum, mocha, gingerbread and blackberry. But this is a new flavor for me and it exactly smells like chocolate strawberry and has shea butter in it for hydration. All crazy rumors lip balms have mild sweetness that you could taste off your lips. Their formula’s are great! They keep your lips moisturized and soft for a long time, from 4-6 hours. That is something i like about them, you don’t have to keep reapplying every now and then. They do not melt unlike some balms on a hot/humid climate. Lasts longer too. Only demerit is their cap, they are always tight to get it off and put it back on. Apart from that love it!


The sixth and final product was a haircare! item. It’s from the brand “Earthly Body”. However i don’t see it mentioned at the front side of the product sticker. This is a leave in treatment for colored hair care. It claims to add shine, aids in detangle and help maintain the haircolour. I do not have colored hair, but it is a good product to try out! though. It has sunflower seed extract and smells amazing! The product was actually creamy in formula but yet comes out though a spray nozzle like a liquid! That is a first time for me to see. It covers a small area at a time, so best would be to spray all over and comb-through. I will definitely try it out and give a review.

This concludes my Feb beauty box unboxing. I hope this helped some of you out there to know new products and brands!


………………………………………….Until next time 🙂 Vegandiarist <3