Hi Everyone! Sorry that I have been MIA the last week due to some busy schedule. Now i’m back with a new post 🙂

This post is about my personal experience. I have been vegan for about a year and 2 months now. Before that i was a vegetarian for 5 years and a meat eater before that. Back in 2010 when i decided to leave meat out of my diet i felt this rush of positivity and energy and the feeling of refreshment. But this was short lived for up to 6 months. Then my body got used to it and later became subtle. Similarly after going vegan i felt changes that made me feel good and help me get rid of some health issues. I was astonished and amazed with these changes, later i did research and found many vegans have gone through something similar and made their lives better. Here are some of my top benefits. I hope to help any of you going through something like this.


Being a female this is the most important thing i had experinced and had to be my number one. I remember my horrible abdominal cramps on those days. My pain was always unbearable and i had a painkiller always with me and take it first thing on that day. My friends had always advised me that isn’t a good habit to take painkillers like that. But i tried to bear the pain but it would literally kill me so i always had my peace with the painkillers. This one day i went to office, it was my morning shift. I went to grab some breakfast in the cafeteria and i remember how hard it was for me to just walk! to take a few steps to reach the table. I managed to go back to home and take rest that day. And of course had to take my tablet. This is how much i would feel. When i went vegan the cramps just disappeared for almost 8 months straight. I had the pain comeback after that, but it was very much bearable and occurred rare in comparison to my previous cycles. Recently i saw one of Dr.Gregor’s video and understood how a plant based diet would help your menstrual cycle and it all made sense.  clickhere


This is an all time suffering for me from my childhood days. Lacking fiber in the diet is the one and only reason for constipation. I used to take laxative tablets every while. Having a desk job just made it more difficult. Having a good bowel movement is very important for a good mind and body. I used to suffer almost every week. But gone are those days. Being vegan has made my tummy happy. No animal based products have fiber and without fiber no human could survive healthy bowels. All the fiber i need i got from my vegan diet.


Another severe issue i had was frequent headaches. My father always had them headaches. I had always thought mine were genetic. I get them very often 2-3 times a week. If i do not take a pain killer it never goes away. If i somehow managed to sleep with one it just continues the next day too! I do not have migraines but mine were more like tension headaches. It was just horrible taking so many painkillers and being dependent on them is never healthy. It was something so normal for me that overtime i get a headache i just pop a pill. Slowly this got aggravated and i even had to visit doctor but nothing helped. Going plant based rapidly reduced my headaches. I get one maybe once in two months or even less. This had made a huge difference in my everyday life , if my head starts aching i can’t do anything and my whole day is gone. You could see how much difference a vegan diet had already made for me.


I have a love for coffee and not just black but the dairy filled lattes and frappes. Dairy products are filled with growth hormones, pus, feces , acidic animal protein, antibiotics , cholesterol and fat. Being vegetarian i was also feeding on dairy yogurts, ice cream and buttermilk. You could imagine all that crap going into my body and my stomach finding it hard to digest because of the simple fact that I’m not a baby cow but an adult human. Putting these stuff in my body where it does not belong caused bloating. After switching to  plant based milk and dairy substitutes i found the relief of bloated stomach. It makes a lot of sense to stay away from dairy products. Now i still enjoy my soy milk coffees and coconut milk ice creams without the bloating part.

  • BAD BREATH / Stinky SWEAT you name it:

Did you know eating meat and dairy makes you a stinkbug officially. I had suffered from bad breath as long as i know unfortunately my dental arrangement has its part too. My teeth are very closely arranged and it makes it easy for the food particles to get stuck in easy. Brushing twice or drinking lot of water never fixed it. It was always embarrassing to hear the comment that you have a bad breath. The day i left dairy out of my diet is the day all stink went away. Your body is going to be at bliss on a plant based diet.


Who doesn’t have trouble sleeping at night? Ever since we all became adults all we do is worry and ponder over our problems especially at night. I’m a very light sleeper naturally. A small sound, or source of light will ruin my sleep. Worst part is once I’m awake i can’t sleep again. Even if i had a good sleep , the morning when i wake up i had always faced with tiredness. The need to drag myself out of the bed and getting ready for my day was not a pleasurable experience. A plant based diet gave me better sleep and good energy filled mornings.


Most of my lifestyle problems got fixed. Like having UTI, getting away from laziness,  eating better and feeling good of all. The energy , that feeling of refreshment and positivity just goes up the scale. I finally felt i had a purpose in my life. I would have given up anything to have got all this at my early stage of life. Kids who are born to vegan parents are really lucky! All vegans have only one regret “Why didn’t i do it sooner?” 🙂 When going vegan could do so many wonderful things to you why wouldn’t you choose to be one?

To be very logical and practica,l i have one example to share. Just think you are reading today’s news and you learnt something very horrible had happened like a bomb blast killing innocent people or something as a natural calamity struck down a whole town. That news is going to upset you or your whole day. If the same news you were listening had a good news to share, like a new theme park coming in your neighborhood or your favorite music band is going to perform in your city, it makes you happy and excited. Overtime you hear or see it it makes you feel good.

Just to listen something negative/positive has such effect on you. Just imagine, when you put the body part of an animal who spent their entire life and last moments in pain, suffering, fear, anxiety and horror. That is the energy you are feeding your body. How much effect will it have on you? “You are what you eat” is a very sensible quote. Knowing that you saved a life you sleep, eat and live a better life everyday.

………………….Until next time <3 Vegandiarist 🙂img_7077