Hi guys, how is everyone doing today? I’m back with another review :). A body lotion that i tried from Bhodi herbal spa cosmetics. It’s a cruelty-free brand. They aim at producing their skincare and haircare range with chemical free ingredients and all natural. They use natural products like plant and flower extracts and oils by replacing sulphates, propylene , parabens and other harmful chemical products. They carry the leaping bunny cruelty free logo. Although it is cruelty-free brand, it would have been nice if they mentioned their vegan products specifically. The only non-vegan ingredient i saw was silk so far. But they do not test on animals which is awesome. Because animals are for loving right <3

Where to get: I did not locate it in a store but i bought it online site from iherb. They have their own website which has contacts and details on where to get their products. Do check it out.


Product Description: It comes in 3 other flavors of lotus geranium, green tea and citrus mixture. I chose the coconut-vanilla one, both of my favorite fragrance and flavors. The package came in a coffee brown sturdy plastic bottle with a black pump. They have only one size of 250ml, that’s a bummer. It has a beautiful design on the label cover, with that attractive organic herbal vibes coming out of it 🙂 . The lotion was white with thick consistency. The highlight of the product was that smell! wow i could almost eat it. So yummy the combination of coconut and vanilla was perfect. The main ingredients include jojoba, rice bran, sunflower seed, vitamin E oils, coconut extract and more of those good stuff.


Usage: I love body lotion and butters. I use them everyday after my shower and sometime as hand lotion as well. Apply and give a slight massage. It had great scent, and very moisturizing. The whole product lasted me for 2-3 months.

Pros: It doesn’t have any of those harmful chemicals and very good for your skin for a daily use. The smell is amazing. Glides smooth on skin and easy to get absorbed in. This will work good for both oily and dry skin. The hydration effect stays good for 9 hours. The bottle size could be taken for travel friendly.

Cons: I’m not sure if i was unlucky to get a faulty piece or this is a common issue with their packages, but the pump of my bottle was broken. It was so frustrating to get the product out. It made the whole experience negative. It would be nicer to have bigger size options, for someone like me who goes through these very quickly.

My Review: A nice product to get your hands on and try out. Especially if you are a sucker for fragrance like me 🙂 . It definitely does the job what it is intended for.

……………………………………..Until next time <3 Vegandiarist 🙂