This is another range of products that i tried from the brand Sukin. I have already wrote a review on their mist toner, which is really an awesome product. If you haven’t read it already, please do check it out 🙂 . Sukin is an Australian based natural skinned haircare company. All their products are cruelty free and vegan. Also they are alcohol and paraben free. I find them on more affordable range and you always get more product for your buck.

Where to get: Sukin products are easy to spot in Singapore drugstores  such as Guardian and Watson, I purchased from there. They are also available online from their websites.


Product Description: They come in different size options, i got the biggest of them in 1 liter containers. They come in dark coffee brown (almost black) plastic bottles with a black pump. The pump works really good to get the desired amount of product out. The packaging is simple and classy. Since they are big, not a travel friendly size obviously. However you could do a transfer to travel containers and could them take with you. They are designed for normal hair. The shampoo is transparent liquid and conditioner is white with a thick and creamy consistency. They both have the same scent, a citrusy orangy smell. It is the original fragrance of signature sukin products. . It’s major ingredients include aloevera, jojoba, reship oil, avocado, sesame oil and more of the good stuff for hydration.

Usage: I wash my hair once a week, shampoo first then condition. Before hair wash i always do a oil hair mask for moisture and hydration. I do apply a lot of oil from scalp to tip. This is a personal preference though. Almost all of the shampoo i have used so far, does not remove the oil in one wash, so i always shampoo twice. I do the same routine with this too. The shampoo lather’s less. It is really more of a gentle cleanser rather than a harsh shampoo. It removes all the oil yet does not dry the hair. Followed by shampoo i apply the conditioner let it sit for 3-5 mins and then rinse off.


Pros: This product best suits as a gentle haircare regime. There is no harsh chemicals in them. The amount is so much that i have been using this almost for a year now. I’m still not close to finishing it. If you are on a budget who does not like to change your haircare so often, and like citrusy fragrance and yet something gentle for your beautiful tresses, then go for it.

Cons: Personally I’m not a big fan of this scent. My hair is naturally dry, frizzy and wavy. Even though the shampoo provides hydration, it doest help with the frizz control. Sadly it is not the best for my hair type.

My Review: Genuinely it is a good product worth trying and using. But on long run i would like to switch to different brands and try out other brands and options. It maybe the holy grail for you, you never know until you try it. Try it and let me know how you liked it in the comments.

………………………..Until next time <3 Vegandiarist 🙂