I often keep hearing one comment, after people get to know i’m vegan that ” Isn’t it difficult? too restrictive?” .. I thought i should right down and break this myth and misconception 🙂


My typical weekday starts with morning routine and getting ready for work. I don’t feel hungry so much in the morning, incase if i do feel then i quickly snack on a fruit or oatmeal at home before leaving. Once in office, i grab a cup of coffee, like any other regular person’s routine. When i say coffee its not just black , but also lattes and cappuccino or milk tea at times. I get them from nearby coffee shops like starbucks and spinelli, which has soy milk option. Or i just grab a black or espresso from the coffee machine at my office. You can ask me, okay you got lucky with having them nearby but what if you don’t have any coffee shops with soy option nearby? Good question, why not carry your own coffee? 🙂 Spend on a good travel mug ( you get good options in any coffee shops). Before you step out of the house make some coffee and transfer to your travel mug and carry it with you and relish your morning caffeine at your office. You could ask me, what if you had no time to make anything? Alright then just heat up some vegan milk and carry it with you to office, you could add up a shot of espresso from your work place machine and tada.. you have your instant coffee. You don’t even have to spend a dime on it 🙂 Funny that many of my colleagues were not even aware i could relish on a coffee from any coffee shop just like them.

Then comes the lunch time  <3 Many vegans carry their lunch. This is the best option, if you don’t have any food options nearby to your workplace. I try to carry as and when i can. But work catches up with me, these days it is literally impossible. So next option is to find any food stall near you and customize your vegan lunch. I walk up to the vegetarian or Indian food stalls order rice or wheat breads with veggies and beans. Just avoid the egg and dairy mixed products. No food stalls nearby? Then i walk to subway and make myself a veggie delight sand which without cheese and sauce with dairy (like mayo, chipotle southwest etc) instead i pack on all the veggies (All raw , how healthy is that) and scoop of avacodo, olive oil (all the good fats) with ketchup, chili sauce and sometimes mustard. An option to make it a meal, add any drink or black coffee with a fruit chips or classic lays/ruffle chips. You got yourself an ala carte.

By the evening time, if you get off from work late and you feel hungry then better to carry some snacks with you. A snack bar, biscuits, fruits or carrot sticks with hummus, nuts, dried fruit snack, soy milk or any fruit juice. If you have nothing to eat and you feel hungry then hit the nearby fruit / juice stalls or department shop to grab a quick snack. I mostly skip the snack part and try to go home sooner, if any other case i get hungry then i have some fruit snack or bars.

Now it is finally time to go home, after a long working day. I prepare the dinner at home and my hubby helps me at times. Depending on our mood and energy level we choose our food. If tired and lazy, we make quick fix such as spaghetti pasta or lentil rice with a potato side. If energetic, we make wheat breads with veggie curry or dry stir fry on the side. At times we have craving to eat out or too tired to do anything, then we order takeout from pizza to burgers or Indian/Chinese food.

Occasionally i have to go to lunch/dinner events with my collegues. Since they all are non-vegans, i stand the odd one out(the good way of course). When the group is smaller with just the close ones, they are considerate to choose a place with veg options. I always check with the waiter/chef and get myself some yummy delicious vegan food. When the crowd is bigger and i don’t matter in their eyes, there comes the problem. If you have the option of requesting to your manager or the event organizer to consider a place with veg options then do try and talk to them. If you tried and failed, or if you never had that option then try to decline politely from participating if that is a possibility for you. If none of these are, then don’t give up yet. I was in such situation where they took me to a seafood restaurant. I went to the waiter explained him I’m a vegan and can’t eat anything from the buffet, he said he could make something for me (he added egg on the fried rice served to me deliberately, even after specifically mentioning not to. He looked like a pissed guy who doesn’t like vegans. Even though i was polite to him). I did not give up yet. Even in a carnist food place the buffets will have fruits and salad options . I got myself a big ass plate of fruits with watermelon, musk melon, kiwi and berries. Then i walked up and took all the beautiful greens, added in some peanuts, mango salad dressing and made a beautiful salad. I was stoked! I never fell in love with a salad in my entire life and it was so much filling! Guess what? my plate had all the eyes and attention. In worst case scenario, if you get nothing then have a food order to your home waiting when you return back 😉

So now you see, there is no difference between us from how any other normal person would eat in their entire day. Our diet or lifestyle isn’t restrictive, if we want to eat the piece of meat/dairy or egg then we could. You see there is no law stopping us from doing so. But it is our choice of consciousness to refrain from them. Since I’m an Indian majority of my food choices are of Indian based cuisine, it does not have to be this way for you. You could choose anything you want and make it veganised.

My point being it isn’t difficult to be vegan, in-fact it is much more easier to be one. You become aware of what you put in your body and how much options are available of you. Try eating vegan this week and see how you feel, is it easy? difficult? Do you have more options for eating vegan? Please comment below and let me know too! 🙂

……………….Until next time <3 Vegandiarist 🙂