Devita is an US based cruelty free and vegan brand. They are certified by PETA and carry all the cruelty free logos on their  products. Their products range from mineral makeup to skincare. All of their products are paraben free and vegan, how cool is that! <3


Where to get: This brand’s range of products should be easy to avail from US. However i ordered my serum from iherb online website.

Product Description: The serum comes in 15ml transparent glass bottle packaging. With a pump and plastic lid cover. Enclosed in their standard coffee brown box pack. At first sight i wasn’t a fan of the outer box cover but the product packing on its own was a goodie. The transparency helps in noticing the amount of product inside (which is a big help!). The bottle is small and travel friendly however since it is glass better to carry it enclosed. The pump is very easy to get the product out but if you push too much then a lot is going to come out. So go easy on the pump.

The serum is transparent, odorless and thick liquid consistency. Even though it appears to be thick it is very runny (when you take it on your finger tips to apply). The ingredients include aloe gel, green tea extract, Vitamin – K,A , grape seed extract and all those good stuff.


Usage: To be applied under the eyes (also can be on the brow bone and eyelid), on a washed and toned skin. Take a drop on your ring/pinky finger and apply with gentle circular motion. Feel free to give a light massage. This on its own provides good moisture however i would like to layer it up with some under eye cream. I use it day and night.

Pros: After applying, you feel the immediate cooling effect, which lasts for few seconds. You get a mild tightening effect after you apply. The product claims to reduce dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and provide brightness. I have really dark circles, this product did not do much to reduce the already present darkness. But on days when i didn’t get much sleep and i applied this, it definitely reduced the effect. The puffiness is literally vanished and it helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines to some extent.

Cons: My biggest con would be the plastic lid. While having taken the product in your finger, you will have to quickly close the lid (with one hand, since your other is busy) so it does not run down your finger. This comes up as a challenge, getting the lid to fit on the bottle takes time and sometimes annoying. The formula is very quick drying, so taking less than a drop wouldn’t do the job. Some may not like the tightening effect in that case you could go over with a moisturizing under eye cream. It tends to get over soon (not sure if because I was using it twice a day). It lasted me for 3 months.

My review: This serum really helps to maintain your dark circles, reduce puffiness and gives a hydrating and smooth skin. Overall it is a good product, i would probably try few more serums before fixing on this one. I’m still in the lookout for a holy grail under eye product <3 If you have any suggestions please do leave them in the comments below 🙂

Until next time …