BH cosmetics is one of the US based cruelty free brands. They carry the cruelty free leaping bunny logo on their products. Their website and products have detailed ingredients list. Also their vegan products are mentioned specifically. They are mostly famous for their awesome affordable palettes. BH cosmetics have created many palettes in collaboration with beauty Youtuber’s. One such is Carlibybel, personally i’m a big fan of her. She is also a vegan and so is her palette


Where to get: This should be easily available at the US in places like ULTA. I got mine from the BH cosmetics website, they ship international. This is a limited edition palette and is not going to be around for long. It was priced at 12.50 USD initially, now the price is at 14.50$.

img_6913Product Description: The palette came in a white box same as the palette design itself. White in color with pearls and satin design (sorry not so good in explaining that 🙂 ). Carli loves penguin, there is a small pink penguin in the side of the palette. When you open you it, you see a mirror on the flip cover like any palette would have. The mirror is pretty good and can be used on the go. Another carli’s touch to the palette was the beautiful quote “Aspire to Inspire” below the mirror.

In the palette you get 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters. They are in earthy nudes, mauve and gold shades. Beautiful shades and very highly pigmented. I have few other palettes from BH but i find this one with nice formula and pigmentation in comparison with their other ones. 5 of the shadows are matte and 5 are shimmer ones.


Usage: This palette serves as the perfect combo for a day and night look. I use it for my everyday morning look for my office. I can’t wear heavy or dramatic makeup to my office. So i use this palette for a everyday look. I already have pulled out many of my favorite eye looks from this one. I also made some smokey eyes, night look and party looks from this color range. The shadows were easy to blend. The highlighters are the highlight of this palette 😉 . They can be used as shadows or highlights as well. The second highlight from the left is my favorite. I love the rose golds and the bronze ones too. I use the highlight for my cheek bones, bridge of the nose, forehead, brow bone and chin.


Pros: The palette is created to suit all skin tones and in an affordable price range. The shadows are pigmented, stay longer even without a lid primer. Palette is weightless and travel friendly.

Cons: Go easy on the highlight as it is very much pigmented. You could layer up as you go. Apart from that i really don’t have cons for this.

My Review: I believe this is a well thought and put together design. The color range is beautiful that even on my wheatish skin tone, they all look complimentary. They would look, even better on a fair or darker complexion skin tone. My review would be definitely get one for yourself and you would love yourself for that