I went to the reservoir park the other day , for an evening walk and spotted the beautiful sunset. What better place to share than here!

My blog is named as vegan diarist for a reason 🙂 . I did not, only intend to share vegan product reviews or recipies etc but also include my personal life occurances related to this lifestyle.  So grab a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and sit down and have a good read.

Recently i came across a saying (not sure who made that) “There will be a Gay president before a vegetarian president” (nothing opposing to the LGBT community) but it portrays vegans & vegetarians are most minority (growing on day by day; hopefully reach higher number) population. Yet we are highly looked down on and criticized at. Even so as a vegetarian (almost 5 years) there is always this sarcasm and comments i get bombarded with. From friends, colleagues , family and what not? Even a stranger has a opinion or commentary to make when it comes to veg food or lifestyle. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan you would understand or have gone through some yourself. But don’t worry , you are not alone here, almost everybody goes through at least one such steriotypic experience. If you say , you never came across and not sure what I’m talking about you seriously are one lucky fellow.

I want to write down all such of my experiences i go through, to share , and discuss even maybe find a solution (if possible 😉 ). Or just to have a laugh and something to think about.. to overcome that feeling that you are not alone.

Why just stop at veganism, i would like to pen down my feelings, thoughts and life events here and what i have learnt out of it and want i want the world to know about me. This is going to be fun. This will be opportunity to learn and listen from you guys too! Please feel free to comment your thoughts and experinces.

“The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is not IGNORANCE but ILLUSION OF KNOWLEDGE”

-Stephen Hawking

When you know Veganism, your illusion dishppears <3 🙂