Sukin is an Australian based natural skincare company. All their products are cruelty free and vegan. Also they do not contain any alcohol and also paraben free. I find Sukin products on the affordable category of vegan skincare range .

Where to get: They are available in drugstores guardian and watson Singapore.

Product Description: It comes in a 125ml travel friendly bottle. Has a spray nozzle with a fairly fitting plastic cap, this makes it easy for applying. While spraying it does not make you all wet but spritz exactly how much is required. The toner is transparent and water based, there is no stickiness to it and feels like just water. The toner is infused with rose extract which also gives it a mild rose fragnance.

Usage: Apply on face as and whenever you require, after a face wash , over makeup under makeup, in middle of a hot / polluted day or anytime. And it is supposedly to make you feel refreshed instantly.

Pros: It is in the definitely affordable range. Lasts longer and good buy for the price. It does what it claims that is instant refresh, you could feel it even up to couple of hours after applying. Easy to carry around in your bag or purse. It suits any type of skin meaning does not make your skin oily or dry after applying. Most of the Sukin product has the original scent that of a citrus fruit which is not the case in this product.

Cons: It stings a bit when it gets to the eye and causes a mild numbness over the lips. Which is not a serious concern as it is temporary and very mild.

My review: This is probably one of my favorite product of Sukin and best toner i have used.